Reflections of the last year

Ye citizens of thy mountainous castle, hear ye my words. Fear not as ye are guarded by ye heroes, with power greater than 3,800! Recall ye the feeble state of thy home a mere year ago, guarded by the meek and unleveled bane. Yes, in this year of game play ye have seen much florish in thy castle. And thy ruler swears to solve thy new problems. We see thy confused glares as ye walk like zombies in thy streets and promise farm addresses will not all be 20 soon so ye may walk and not get lost in thy striving home. Recall ye how few farms thy kingdom had with addresses of 4 max only one year prior to this wonderful day.

Hear ye oh hear ye the call from on high. Ye need not start another thread of summonings gone astray. Nor another thread of war battles in defeat. But rather look ye into thy rivers flowing atop ye mountainous home and gaze into said reflection. Recall thy mountainous home a year ago and how ye have grown from a wee lass or laddie to a fine specimen of a ruler. Take thy time to reflect on the positives that guide us through our quest to Atlantis and beyond.

So where were ye a year ago. In another game banished from thy phone? With a training camp praying for the epic heroes? Think ye back with cheer on how far ye have come and post some reflections of growth for ye community here.

And after ye post, visit our bar where thy friend Kiril will offer ye thee best mead in the sky!


This is why you were able to recruit me :rofl:. Anyways… no here ye here ye from me but…

I started playing less than a year ago and am not ashamed to say my first maxed hero was Sharon. You all know that sweet red healer got you through those first tough stage 4 levels (even if you won’t admit it).

Since then I have pulled a few 5 stars and May even have my first 80 (Lianna) done by the New Year. My SH is at 20…FINALLY! And I found a great new alliance which allowed me to kill my first 10 star titan today!

I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made so far this year and look forward to looking back on this thread next year to see how much more I have grown.

Great topic as always :ok_hand::cow2:


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