Reflected damage is incorrect - overnumbers real damage to kill enemy

Hi all. I have noticed something that I think it needs some fix.

The issue appears on the situations, when the target is having not many HP and has attack reflection.

When I attacked that hero with special, the target reflected the overall dealed damage not the damage that allowed to kill it.

If Boril Has 280 HP, the total damage that I deal is 341. But the skill reflects all damage not the part that is equal to Boril’s HP. If Boril dealed 280 damage to be killed, he should reflect 125% of 280 but not 125% of 340 because he physically couldnt loose more HP then he has.
The other situation:

Chao is having 340 HP. He dealed 720 damage and reflected 940…
He should reflect only that damage that let him die.

That’s why I think it is a bug, because hero reflects damage of non-existing HP

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