Reflect Damage can miss!


When blinded or wukong special

Had this happen multiple times when raiding.

The more you know~


I’m not sure I understand. Are you saying you hit a target (with a reflect like counterattack) causing damage to it but the reflected damage misses you? Who was blinded you or the target you hit?


Lets say I’m raiding a team with wukong and boril
They cast riposte and gamblers chance or whatever.

When you hit them, their reflect damage has a chance to miss.


There was a recent reflect mechanics change where reflect will not trigger on a killing blow. This will be reverted in patch 15.1


I raided a gimmick team last night 2 Wu Kong 2 Cyprian and Caedmon. Grimm special killed a Wu Kong and Cyprian while 115 Riposte was up. I hit for like 40 and got 48 damage returned.

(They had 40 health remaining between them. I hit for a total close to several hundred but received 115% of their remaining health back in damage.)

Working as intended


I hope if the blind get applied, the buff get applied too.
Same problem as Natalya.

Can’t have only the negative or positive effect from it, it is not fair.


Sure you can.

If what you are saying with Natalya is you want her damage to be scaled with say Wu, since she gets a chance to miss. That would make her way to powerful. Don’t forget her and all DOT damage isn’t lowered by defence. If her DOT damage was scaled by Wu she could take out the strongest Boss in no time. Or getting hit by say Colen or the like you would have no chance to survive with scaled DOT.


Then it simply shouldn’t miss.
People already complain about her weak damage impact on a match, same as riposte be a bad skill that require taking much damage to be effective.

If you add a miss without a real benefit, then it’s simply cruel.


yes you don’t get damaged more than whatever health they have remaining * the % of the riposte.

But that reflect damage can miss if the Toon doing the reflect has blind and or wukong special.


I wish they give Natalya some base damage like Gravemaker


So you are saying all hero’s like Colen, Azlar, Grave etc with DOT shouldn’t miss?


That’s interesting, I have never noticed this. Will keep an eye out.


I think they Natalya first came out, since she doesn’t do initial damage the DOT wasn’t suppose to miss at all.

Colen Gravemaker Azlar they do base damage. So if they miss the base damage hit, you can assume the DOT should be there as well.

With Natalya, all you have is DOT and that damage doesn’t get buffed at all with any of the other Toons specials.


That would be nice but I really don’t think they should do that. It would be a buff to all DOT hero’s some with more DOT and less direct damage then others so some would benefit more then others. Not all hero’s work equally well with each other.

I have run with Wu on my raid attack team for some time and also have Natalya. I would only take Natalya with me in special cases. You still get the buff on her tile damage and that is what I mostly rely on anyway with Wu. Sure it’s great when a special buffed by Wu one shots a Hero and Natalya can’t do that but that’s the price you per for her special skil.

Now I run Nat without Wu and I think she is fine as is as an attack hero.

Edit: And also a big buff to Wu if all DOT damage never missed. I think it would make him too powerful.