Refine "Complete a Challenge Event" Valor Challenge to Provide Flexibility in Completing Path of Valor

Probably because this one actually presents a possible solution to the problem instead of just venting and devolving into arguments


I support this suggestion. I thought it very odd when I realized you HAD to complete ALL the tiers to have a shot at completing PoV.

I have alliance mates who cannot finish Legendary, including one who can make it to 12th level but no farther yet. It IS discouraging to realize that means you have NO chance to complete PoV AT ALL. There should be enough wiggle room that you can fall short in any one of the challenges and still complete it by finishing the other five. We don’t have that with the current setup.

Disclaimer, I can finish myself without difficulty. I am speaking for others who can’t.


Hey now. Don’t knock venting and devolving into arguments, those are two of my favorite pastimes! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s more about being consistent to other tiers… Other tiers as long as you work hard at throughout entire PoV you have a chance.

Might have to grind harder at the end, but possible.

With Challenge event, if you finished every stage, but one on day 13 of PoV you no longer have any chance to complete PoV


You’ve got my vote, although I’ve been against other suggestions to make POV easier I can see this being a valid issue since there’s no wiggle room at all.


I do agree it SHOULD be a challenge and want to advocate for those who can not finish all 90 stages of the challenge events. :thinking:

One stage missed on first challenge event and you have no shot to finish with 37 days left of PoV (This should be re-balanced)


Better luck next time? Again, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t finish PoV. Just like not every one finishes all stages of the Sand Empire event in the difficult mode (or any other seasonal event) early on as a player. Next time it rolls around, you get another chance. And PoV rolls around every two months.

I voted also.
I think that my vote is primarily because the players that play the most need to be rewarded for their effort. if they miss a single stage in 50 days… they fail?

Either this or the points given for the daily challenges need to be higher to compensate.


Well, it cannot be just any random single stage, it would be the last one in one of the tiers (otherwise, it is more than one stage that they missed).

I mean, I get it is a bit harsh, but on the flip side, it can also be a relief to know for relatively new players that they don’t need to focus on PoV too much until they can safely complete all tiers of each event.

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I also agree with the suggestion and voted for it. I’ll probably finish as I’ve been before, but if you look at it that’s a whole 3150 points depending on only one event. That’s too much, imo too. Because either you get the whole 3150 or 0 (and fail)


I love this structure and thank-you @zephyr1 for combining the discussion thoughts and developing a well-thought post :blush: Voted!

While many have focused on the mental aspect of knowing immediately that you won’t be able to finish PoV, I think it’s important to remember this is a business. SG is here to make $$ while walking the fine line of player satisfaction. Taking that into account, I think this adjustment could actually increase the revenue brought in from PoV.

I know several (including myself) who are holding off buying in until they’re SURE they can finish. If they know just a few days in they can’t finish, they lose interest… for this PoV and possibly any upcoming ones. That’s a definite loss of a purchase (and possibly purchases) for SG.

While PoV should be difficult and something for newer players to work towards, it needs to be attainable for medium level players and up. Attainable with a lot of hard work :laughing: While not everyone that reaches level 50 will purchase the prime levels, increasing the amount of players that do reach it should increase the amount that pay.


Great idea I’m in favour a few of the Shrubbery will not complete just by failing 1 stage


I think that’s a good idea. I finished the event with both accounts, the first time with my alt, but I know many in my alliance are struggeling with this and are disappointed. I only managed it because of Proteus and my playing skills, because I don’t have any (good) 5*. I don’t know if I’m able to do it again in Pirates - Proteus?! No Hansel, no Gretel on my alt. It will be VERY heavy, I think I should craft things for carpet bombing (wasn’t necessary on Avalon).

But besides that, it’s the ONLY Valor challenge with this strange point distribution - all other missions seem to tolerate failure on the last tier, this not. That’s the main reason why I’m in favor of a change for that. Thank you @zephyr1 for pointing out an elegant solution.


I like this post but, I cant agree as stated before by me everything cant be changed to benefit everyone some things people need to strive for. Finishing the events is huge especially with the increased loot for completing.

This path has definitely separated the players from the casuals and did it in a fair way, readjusting that gets us back to the same problem, which is people not wanting to put in the time as others still trying to reap same rewards. I worked really hard to be able to pass events, research talked to many people dove into my roster when I had to complete legendary with only 2 5 stars and 3 4’s. I understand the complaint but if you are not far enough in the game to complete them then you shouldnt be focused on p.o.v. yet anyway just my opinion.

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To be clear, this change would still do nothing to make it possible for casual players to hit Milestone 50.

Someone who finished only Tier 3 of the proposed change to the Challenge Events Valor Challenge would still need to do literally EVERYTHING else to hit Milestone 50.

Every Daily Challenge.

Every Tier of every Valor Challenge.

They couldn’t miss a single other thing at all.

This change wouldn’t enable casual players to complete Path of Valor, it would enable dedicated frequent players to complete it with an alternative combination of challenges, instead of requiring that completing all of both Challenge Events be a staple for everyone.


Really? Is this necessary??? It’s impossible just for the summons. Don’t bother do another challange, if you cannot make Tyr 9 of summons.

I dont like the words casual and complete challenge in same sentence. Sometimes people wanna see their hard work pay off you simply diminish that the more you cater to casuals. They can already speed level with purchasable backpacks, loot tickets, trainer heroes, v.i.p., at some point I wanna see people put in work and the work required for this is not that hard. We all had to wait until we could clear those save events and back when we were doing them the rewards for completing were trash. There has to be something to work for and if you cant even work for this what can I expect you to work for as our alliance moves up. Just my take still a great idea I just dont support it.


Fair enough, I just wanted to make sure it was clear whom the idea catered to. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your feedback.

A couple more similar ideas to provide flexibility and reduce stress…

Been thinking about POV… Reading (lurking) a LOT on the forum. Don’t think I’ve ever ever posted…

It’s currently formatted as an all or nothing path… What if there were lesser rewards along the way, with a badge to show accomplishment, and maybe reduced cost for rewards up to that point? Like top tier 50 gets a blue ribbon that could be applied like a pin. Tier 45 gets a red ribbon and can pay $8 for rewards to that point. Tier 40 gets a ribbon and can pay $6 for rewards to that point. That would allow people to perform as best they can, missing a few here or there, yet not feel like losers because they couldn’t reach that last higher level.

Another potential change… Allow more than one “path” to valor. Where the player at some point chooses say “the way of the hunter” or “the way of the warrior” or “the way of the champion” where they focus on incredible Titan, Battle or Tourney feats based on their personal preference or hero roster. A shared path partway with in-common challenges, then a choice, a fork in the road.

Either or both could increase the engagement and decrease player angst making the POV more of a fun and entertaining diversion.

The “ribbons” above could be placed on the lower left of the profile image and could introduce the concept of achievement badges for other events or challenges as well. Could be optional to allow a player to display the one that is most meaningful to them. It could become another collectible part of the game.

Or even a “frame” around the profile image for multiple achievement badges… Also optional for those who prefer to avoid additional “clutter”.

Doesn’t have to introduce more complexity to increase enjoyment.


You have my vote. I completely support this. :+1:


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