Refill Titan energy flags when Titan is Defeated

This issue may have been covered before so please excuse me if it has.
I think that the way the titan flags are given is wrong and back to front.
The reason I say this is because,
Let’s say that you are killing 7 star titans regularly with 4 hours to spare that means that the next titan is going to appear in 4 hours. Well when you get the next titan 8 star and you use all your flags from all alliance members to kill the titan with only 30 minutes left that means your next 8 star titan appears in 30 minutes however surely if you have struggled to defeat the titan you should get a longer period between them so your flags can regenerate.
Wouldn’t it be more plausible to refill the titan energy when the titan is defeated especially if the time gap is so short. The titans go up in power therefore making it harder to kill so it doesn’t need to have a short time between them.
Yet if you defeat the titan with 4 hours to spare your next titan appears in 4 hours. I don’t understand why when you defeat the titan easy you get more time to prepare for the next titan than what you get if you just defeat it in time. That would surely suggest that the alliance needs time to regenerate their titan energy before the next one appears.

I’m probably not saying this very clear but I hope you get the general idea of what I’ve tried to say.
Again I apologise if this subject has been dealt with in the past.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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