Refill available glitch? Raid Tournaments show refill available when out of flags – appears likely due to Raid Flask in Inventory

Anyone else seeing refill available on tournament raid? Unsurprisingly when I click it there is no refill.

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I have that too, I assumed it was to help people expect new flags each day… but thats a pretty flimsy way to defend something badly done lol

@Diz and @DBC do you both have Raid Flasks in your Inventory? I wonder if that’s the source of the bug.

Just to let you know… no big problem…
When you have a flask of attack potion… you see the text… in dutch “aanvulling beschikbaar”… in english it should say someting like “more attacks availible”… but thats not the case in the new raid systemScreenshot_20190331-014302_Empires

@zephyr1 yes I have raid flasks

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Did you try to use?

I also have raid flasks, but no refill available…

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No I can’t use them for the tourney

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