[Ref, Hoarding] Super Hoarder or What does Gryphonknight have in their hero roster? or 275 hero slots

[Ref, Hoarding] Super Hoarder or What does Gryphonknight have in their hero roster? or 275 hero slots


I totally blame merciless RNG:

Click merciless RNG awful

purple 4* Cyprian Quest

On one account we have been chasing purple 4* Cyprian for years.

Gem summons since 2017-September
= hundred to thousands $ USD ( iTunes combines family amounts)

1x Legendary training 2018-March
= 19.3 months
3x Legendary training 2019-July
= 2x 3.3 months
= 25.9 months of Legendary training

purple 4* Cyprian ( last classic 4* hero. FINALLY !!! )

This could have been Wu Kong, Rigard, Melendor, Grimm, Scarlett or Boldtusk instead of Cyprian. Boril was also difficult on this account.

Merciless RNG is awful.

So I would rather hoard than try and acquire them again. Gambler’s Stance, Ramming Pulverizer and Healing always good for war/ future trading.

50 empty

Disclaimer 50 hero slots are for collecting Extra low cost training ( RT11 ) / Uncommon training ( RT02 ) when leveling rainbow teams.

I could do it with 5- 10 empty slots but that would be much more annoying.

275 Hero slots

So 275 Hero slots are holding 224 heroes including teams of rainbow 1*+19 and 2*+7 .

Click for highlights


6x Belith ( 4x 3* 1.1 )
6x Boldtusk ( 4x 4* 1.1 )
3x Gadeirus
6x Grimm ( 4x 4* 1.1 )
6x Hawkmoon ( 3x 3* 1.1 )
3x Isarnia
3x Joon
3x Kashhrek
6x Kiril ( 5x 4* 1.1 )
6x Melendor ( 4x 1.1 )
4x Proteus ( 2x 4* 1.1 )
6x Rigard ( 4x 4* 1.1 )
4x Sabina ( 2x 4* 1.1 )
4x Tiburtus ( 3x 4* 1.1 )
3x rainbow 3* Trainer teams ( 15 totals for game testing and team hero slot place holders )
4x Wilbur ( 3x 4* 1.1 )
6x Wu Kong ( 3x 4* 1.1 )

1x rainbow 2*+7 team
1x rainbow 1*+19 team

= 85 highlight heroes



Wow I can say with 100% honestly, that looks like a tone of wasted hero spots IMO.

I have rather different ideas as to which heroes are worth hoarding, I guess.

@Gryphonknight pretty clearly has more than 30 heroes for war, and while I haven’t counted, probably 30 without using any 3* heroes, maybe even enough to do some significant color stacking against unified tanks in war without using 3* heroes.

Similarly I am in the same circumstance—I haven’t used a 3* for anything that I was allowed to use a 4* or 5* hero for.

Consequently I only keep 3* heroes that I might want to use for an event or raid tourney. So I only keep duplicates I would want to use on the same team for defense or offense. I cannot imagine wanting to use two Beliths together so I don’t keep them beyond the first one that I like very much.

I’m rapidly approaching 30 maxed 5* heroes so my need for 4* heroes is starting to taper off, and that hoarding is being reduced now. I should start thinking about eating a few duplicate 5* heroes but I cannot make myself go that far yet.

@Gryphonknight, what are you keeping your spare for if you don’t plan to level them up someday?

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Probably hoping for better from the Hero Academy.

After Costume chamber, Alchemy Lab, Tourneys and 5* Battle items, I have given up Hero Academy even if it lets you train troops. What good are troops without a good hero?

Shards, trade, and other, are my only hope now.

What if…?

Every Update Pokemon GO shows over and over again how to avoid the trap of lootboxes and grinding.

This is after 6 months when Pokémon GO was the definition of Cheat 2 Win and Pay 2 Dominate and Pay 2 Crush Your Enemies. When they first added EX Raids but before trade/ Pokémon buddies/ friendship/ gifts were added 6 months later.

And that players will except nerfing if you remove the huge sunk cost of a 5* HotM ( Legendary ).

And that players will except power creep if you remove the huge sunk cost of a 5* HotM ( Legendary ).

And that if all the above is true, buffing lots of heroes has less consequences, especially if you need to quickly revert them.


If they add trade.

Trade Proteus/ Wilbur for anyone who needs it for a 4* hero I need.

Trade Wu Kong to a teammate without one.

Trade Rigard to a teammate that needs a third for war.


If they rebalance Classic heroes ( Costume chamber, is just more lootbox like Alchemy Lab )

2x to 6x Kiril for myself if Kiril is buffed.


If they address the growing grind.

A second Joon if they change the Hero XP/ ascension item game meta.


So this is Pokémon GO’s fault ( you should see my storage in that game ).

Pokémon GO has done this with

Gravemaker ( see Mewtwo )
Athena ( see Rayquaza )
Delilah ( see Kyogre )
Alberich ( see Groudon )

Wu Kong ( see Tyranitar ),
Guardian Falcon ( see Machamp )
Grimm ( see Dragonite )

Melia/ Rudolph/ Hisan ( see Espeon/ Snorlax/ Blissey )

And that is just a small sample. Yes 80% of Pokemon are immediately discarded, but it is a lot easier to get the 20% that are really good, including 4* / 5* / HotM / limited time.

But even in Pokemon GO, you have to deal with RNG/ nerfs/ buffs/ changes in meta. So I hoard the above Pokémon.

Just not the merciless RNG of Empires.


I look at my Hero hoard and see all this potential for an awesome game.

Until the servers go dark, there is always hope.

Also remember to backup your game to Game Center/ Google Play/ Facebook.

From all I’ve read in the Beta Beat my only faint hope left is the Path of Valor. I have a sinking feeling I will be disappointed there too.

Alchemy Lab: does nothing useful for me unless I want to spend big time.
Costumes: turns TC20 heroes into HOTM-style merciless RNG heroes, see Alchemy Lab above.
Hero Academy: more of the same.

Will Path of Valor also be more of the same?

I am not even bothering to build the Alchemy Lab.