Reduction in Power

For past two weeks I have observed a significant reduction to the power of my hits/tile damage.
I have been hitting titans with 24k+ to 62k damage and all the sudden my power has dropped to 7000, 12000, 20 at most but seldom anything I was normally hitting… what’s going on? Has anyone else noticed this?

Additionally, I was able to get high hits using very little weapons/defense. At most I would use a turtle banner and maybe an arrow or two. Now I have to stockup and bring out the big guns just to get a fairly decent score above 32k.

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To ask what I’m sure is a stupid question, just to rule it out: is it possible that the star level of the titans you’re facing has increased, e.g. from 8* to 9*?

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Also remember that there are 8 different levels of titan power at each star level (at least through 10 star, I stopped tracking it after that). If you search through the forums, I posted details in other threads, but for example, not all 10* titans are created equal - there are 8 different levels of attack/defense/hitpoint and special %. If you’ve beaten a bunch in a row (or just started streaking on 12s), one thing that could happen (we noticed this in 7dd streaking with 10s and 12s) is there is variance in the difficulty of the titan, even if you continue to beat them. you can track it by the hp of the titan.

I noticed a significant decrease in damage I was doing from the “easy” 10* to the hardest 10*, in some cases almost 50%. That was awhile ago, but 12s are probably the same.


see here Titans have different stat levels and power within a given star level!
for more details

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They are the same - 7 and 8. Thanks!

Thank you for this information!

right, particularly if you guys are bopping between titan levels, most likely the first 8* you face is one of the lower of the 8 tiers of 8 * titans, and each one increases in power.

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I noticed the same…in a normal fight I make not even 20k with a 4k+ team to a 8* titan.

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I am having exactly the same problem on exactly the same level titans as always. You are not alone! I have been saying this since the last update before the January one. I said " I feel like my team has been Neutered " :slightly_frowning_face:

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Could it be that the RNG gods are mad at you? I’ve had critical highs lately (87k with my 3k TP team)


Sweet! My highest is only 62k. Lucky you!

For me, it came on suddenly. My scores really plummeted and the titans weren’t all that. We let a few escape, but even then… and to think my board lit up like a Christmas tree with successive diamond hits… I still got 7000! Lol

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HOLY :open_mouth: WHO is you 3k team? My team is at 3600 and a top hit of 57000!! :worried: They are all hitters… My titan team… :thinking:

I also noticed a drop in power in the fight against titanium.
I looked at the problem. My attack without reinforcement with 4 yellow heroes on the purple titan was 500 points per ankle.
After strengthening by Wu-kong and weakening the titan by Wilbur, the attack still amounted to 500 points for the ankle, but not all cubes were hit (wu-konga wines).
The problem passed by, but now the friend from the alliance also complains that he has lost the power to attack the titan.

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Got a few more levels since I did it, but that’s them lol


Wow! That’s amazing!! Thank you for sharing :blush::blush:

It is thw ■■■■■■■ for development admin to detroy the rule of this games in raid battle.

Same team

Lol I so want to swear right now :joy::grin::grin: that is awesome :blush::blush:

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