Reducing mana tile generation

So we all know the most frustrating part of the game is lack of mana tiles during game play. We’ve all noticed it. Green healer, but no green tiles for instance or so spread out your unable to power up the hero. Without combos, defeat is certain. As the match progresses the oppositions turn meters reduce more quickly , missed shots still fill the supers and if during AW, field aid strikes quickly. The issue is, it feels like sending your team off to die. Imagine D&D were you send a wizard to fight a troll and you dont memorize any magic from your spell book. All very frustrating.

So once again, I purpose a slight percentage decrease in color mana generation that the board generates from your FALLEN HEROS. And ONLY if you have that color hero in the match. Maybe -10% appearance?

As an example, one war match had it down to 2vs2. I had a purple and blue left. for the next 8 moves, not one opportunity arised were I could power up either heros super resulting in defeat.

If you have similar stories, feel free post it. Maybe we can finally get something done with the boards.

That could work @NDarkNS

But we’d all just lose more on defence. Offence wins the majority of fights as it is.

So when you say

That’s all fine and dandy, but we’d all have to accept we’d lose more cups and war defences would get flipped more often.

So, yes we all get annoyed when we can’t get a good match and lose, I hate it too, but can you make a case that the balance should be shifted even further to offense?

I’m not having a go at your proposed mechanism, just interested in the why and the consequence.


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