Reducing Loot Tix from Chests is a Seriously Bad Move

But yet NOT a surprising move. Just like the inflated WE and gem cost compared to season 1

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@zephyr1 @littleKAF @DaveCozy @JonahTheBard You guys better stay away from this thread it might not be safe.
Also I think its betas fault


It’s actually my fault personally.

Thanks for the credit. :+1:


You my friend have guts… :upside_down_face:




Now, why does this sentiment suddenly remind me of Edward Longshanks in Braveheart when he said: “The problem with Scotland is that there are too many Scots.”


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Oh. Good. At least some of my fellow F2P/C2P peeps are actually tracking data on these kinds of changes, so I don’t feel like a total uninformed emotional idiot when I complain that the game is veering into that direction.

“Where’s your data, bro? Or is it just a ‘gut feeling’?”

Call it a ‘gut feeling’, but I think this is just the beginning. No more free lunches.

Feels kind of silly, calling myself “cheap to play” when I’ve dropped at least $140 USD on this game. But that’s considered “cheap” by E&P standards. At that level, in most other games I’ve played, I’d be considered a whale. E&P? I might as well be a worm on a hook.

Oh well. Fewer loot tickets. Guess I just have to press the autoplay button instead and wait a few minutes longer.

These are the kind of posts I just love to see. Can’t wait to see what other great QoL improvements they have in store for us later! Game is totally headed in the right direction, every customer is 100% happy. Unhappy customers are just cheap and ungrateful and we’re better off without them anyway.

It’s okay, game defenders, it’s just loot tickets. Very easy to argue that this is just a minor change, hardly anyone will notice. Loot tickets were never really meant to be a big part of the game anyway. If anything, this will just force players to spend even more time actively playing the game. Yay! So really it’s a positive, not a negative.

Way too easy to “defend” this. Next “QoL” update will likely be a bit more difficult to defend, but probably still doable for those on here with major PR talents of spinning negatives into positives. Not to worry, they’ll probably release these sorts of “updates” gradually.


“Hey, feels pretty good in here, huh?”


Here’s what I’m happy about — and that I encouraged to the Small Giant Staff before this release, and thanked them for today:

They announced the change, and directly indicated it was a reduction.

That’s much clearer than a statement that it was “adjusted,” with the need for us to guess which direction.

And it’s much more transparent than saying nothing.

It’s a crappy change, that’s hard to imagine anyone being happy about.

But if they’re going to nerf something, I’ll take transparency on the nerf any day.


Actually, no data… it is in the official announcement…


Bear with me… I stopped reading the announcements here a long time ago… I’m just glad it’s officially “in writing” so that nobody can call me a paranoid nutter when I complain later about hardly getting any loot tickets anymore.

And thank you @zephyr1 for asking them to specify. “Adjusted” makes it sound like “oh there was a problem with it before, we just fixed it for you”, like the kind of ‘adjustments’ they should probably make to certain heroes (to, you know, keep them ‘balanced’… if that’s even a thing people here worry about any more… seems no? not so much? nah… why should that matter…)


This is the answer . As people , if decide to save loot tickets , can gather a considerable amount , in consequence they may be seen decresed the amount of purchases in their special tickets offers .

The pace of the game picked up way to quickly with the emphasis being on paying to stay relevant when the model before was grinding to make progress for all levels of players. THAT is what intrinsically made E&P unique in the environment of gacha games that have constant never ending cash grabs. The grind was definitely frustrating but it felt worth it when you finally built a roster that could get you moving forward. That has been replaced by who has the biggest credit card or availability of discretionary income; that was not the heart of E&P and now it has quickly become that. I am honestly not sure how long I will last once Season 3 begins. I am not inclined by any means to spend just to stay relevant in something that is becoming a shell of what it once was.


Guess I will be utilizing the auto tapper even more now :slight_smile: Start it up, hit s1 8-7 and go have dinner. Come back and presto, the WE is gone and I have a pile of recruits and never touch the phone while eating :slight_smile:

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You still have to manually restart the quest each time, unless you know of a shortcut to make the quests auto-replay after completion. If so, please share, this would save me the hassle of having to watch my phone and hit replay every couple of minutes.


Simpsons did it.



Seems like they missed their quarterly profit targets so they have to make it up somewhere… it’s not just one or two things, it is a consistent change toward pay to play/win. When I first started playing you might see one special offer ever few weeks. Now they come about every few days and they aren’t event great offers.

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muy mala idea, son super necesarios, son de vital utilidad para recargar las reservas de materiales para elaborar objetos, por eso las recompensas de las provincias bajaron de 10 apox a solo 3 o 6 objetos para elaborar, cada dia nos ahogan, nos aprietan, a los amantes del juego, que sobrevivimos, que apesar de la falta de respeto al jugar fiel amante, que por placer juega y quiere crecer, uds solo piensan que cosas les vamos a sacar para que sufran mas adquiriendo todo, los botines ya no son lo mismo y ahora sin tickers seran peor, muy mala idea!!! lamentable y triste, que no nos valoren!!!
en vez de premiarnos, por el tiempo que dedicamos al darnos buenos botines, cada vwz son mas pobres!!!

I don’t think it’s all going in that direction. Keys, for example. From what I see, most of the active forumers have saved 15-20 keys in the month it’s been out; that’s 3-4 pulls in addition to 2 free pulls from the quests. That’s 5-6 free chances at an HoTM and costume per month… it’s a pretty significant addition to what f2p players were getting before.

And the rewards change for challenge events.

That said, I think the POV rewards are absolutey pathetic for the amount of effort it takes, both for free and paid paths. I don’t know why so many people seem satisfied.

So, it goes both ways.


That moment when you realize why there’s a loot ticket deal for sale in the game today.

Whatever… bring on S3 and let me grind something new.


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