Reducing Loot Tix from Chests is a Seriously Bad Move

I am not one typical to complain; however, this change comes when a significant power creep is about to be introduced making the F2P/C2P gap much worse. I’ve been a strong spender for some time now and this leaves a sour taste even for me. Rewards have felt lowered across the board and for F2P who are being left behind on a continual basis, this change is a major loss for them. This needs to be reconsidered.


Welcome to the club. I stopped spending on this game about 4 months ago after being a moderate spender. The only ways to keep competitive at the higher end of the spectrum are incredible good luck with boards, incredible luck with free summons, or spending money on summons and emblems. As soon as you stop spending regularly and new powerful heroes or upgrades come out, you start to become weaker in comparison to those that do spend.



Do you have any datasets to prove your claim that rewards have been lowered? Or is this based on your gut-feeling?
If you have data sets I would love to see them if you care to share them.


Every say 10th chest now has 3 or 6. The dropping rate is already bad. I don’t get why this will be decreased.

But they tell about the decrease, which probably nobody ever had noticed.

No data sets needed as it’s in the version 27 smaller bugs/fixes notes:


Define “slightly” :smirk:


For the record I am also against any reduction to loot tickets.

Also I’m pro adding more loot tickets as I enjoy the quality of life convenience they provide especially with the stupid AI in auto-play (no E&P AI, I don’t need to use Jabberwock’s special on wave 2 grunt 1 with 10 hp left)


I agree…bad move.

Not sending me into a rage, but I can’t help but imagine the developer meetings. A dozen or so people sitting around a table talking about what needs to be fixed and\or updated in the game and out of all the things that can be brought up, someone raises their hand and says…

“The real problem is there are too many loot tickets”


As FTP I don’t like this change either, it’s not like loot tickets are in abundance now. I can collect about 20-30 per month maximum.

But hey, here is a "it’s raining loot tickets"offer for $10. I understand that this is business and they want to make money. But it would be better if they add more such offers rather than reducing the current loot.

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I agree too. Why? A small amount of “free” loot tickets isn’t really killing their golden goose (insane whales going after uber-heroes). It just saves a bit of time when farming Atlantis for a small chance at coins, which if you collect 100, you get a very small chance at a hero that let’s you keep up slightly with the whales.


I wouldn’t mind the reduction in loot tickets; provided that they increase unfarmable AM and/or atlantis/valhalla coins and/or costume keys and/or gems :slight_smile:


Last month I got around 60 loot tickets - 24 from war chests, 12 from titan chests, the rest from somewhere else. I don’t think it’s too much. But now I’m capricious - and won’t buy the loot ticket offer, just because I’m p**** off. One more cut spending, because I don’t have an understanding for such changes :stuck_out_tongue:


Would any of the SG stuff kindly care to explain the mechanics behind this decision? @petri @kiraSG @mhalttu @sara


I believe I explained the mechanics when discussing hero adjustments. Just substitute feature adjustment for assortment of numbers. See below:




Well, now that’s a perfectly normal and believable explanation. Was that an official statement? :grin:


I’ve had unofficial sources confirm it’s validity unofficially.


Yep, this was me. But honestly, it never seemed like I got very many anyway :man_shrugging:

Agree that it’s a terrible idea. Particularly when they give no explanation. I’d actually like to see loot tickets offered more frequently as rewards. As others have mentioned, I enjoy the QoL aspect. I’ve happily plunked down my cash to supplement that.

It’s very tempting to stop spending on those as a response. Which will lead me to playing less because I hate auto play. Which will lead me to losing interest in the game all together.

The money grab just keeps getting more and more blatant.


Roflmao, u got it right for sure. Stupid move for sure.
They have like other 100 little problems to fix


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