Reducing arrow barrage percentage?

Idk, I think 25% is too much? Because the first arrow barrage gonna hit the heroes (which still have 80-90%) of their health points, end up lost 1/4 of their hp, just from that only. So far from my opinion, this aid is the most difficult of all.

I hope it can be reduced to 10-15%. Because it happens too frequent than my healer can catch up to heal my heroes. :sleepy:

I think it’s quite fair compare to earlier Arrow Barrage - it’s insane! Opps just have enough healers to have the arrow raining at you.

With the current model - Heroes are not easily die even if it hit by the arrow for 1~2x.

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Actually, I feel the exact opposite way: the arrows don’t have enough of an effect since they only do damage based on a percentage of current HP rather than max HP. When you’re at full health, arrows do 25% damage, but you still have more than enough health left to handle most threats. When you’re at low health, arrows do maybe 10 HP of damage, which is barely a drop in the bucket. Either way, I simply ignore the arrows now.

It still makes most heroes reach the 2 round “danger zone” of Gravemaker’s DoT and autoattack.
The actual % (of remaining HP) sounds fair to me.

If you have enough healers to use in all 6 teams then yes, this is not a very big damage. But people that cannot field 6 decent healers will face problems at some stage of the fight.
I personally like the change from where we started at (with th fixed % from total health) that was too brutal and no fun in playing wars at all.

Agreed that the original arrows were too much, but my opinion is that the arrows would have been more meaningful if they had been reduced to maybe 10-15% of max HP instead of doing 25% of current HP. That way the arrows could still kill at the low end.

Also agreed that those without 6 healers will have trouble with the arrows, but that also encourages players to raise their healers. Back when AW first started, I focused mostly on attack heroes and only bothered to raise Boldtusk for healing since I didn’t need any other. Now I have 9 healers.

Different preferences for different people, I suppose. :slightly_smiling_face:

The problem with this is that the spread of players is pretty big.
Players with cash will easily have 6 healers to level up for wars.
Players that don’t spend cash (or little amounts) will probably have a lot more problems getting those 6 minimal needed.
Because these big difference in the game you will never ever find a balance in where everybody will be happy :wink:

your comment are wrong - you just need to work smart on getting the right building to move up.
I myself is not a P2P - more toward F2P, I spend 1 month in VIP after reading what’s the important to get the heroes - TC13 / TC20.

From there I work my way to get TC20 asap - long story to short, i have 12 max 4* healers between 4 cols. 26x 4* Max heroes my for AW. (8x 5* heroes - working on Zim to become my 4th 5* heroes max) If you can’t P2P then read the forum how’s the game play and learn from there. you will get there.

Good luck!

Just for your information and not this discussion:
I am playing over a year and only thing I ever bought was 1 VIP pass.
I can field 4 (!) hero’s that have healing in war. Not even healers but hero’s that do healing.
2 of them are fully levelled, 2 are not due to faillure of maths.

For the discussion:
What I am trying to make clear is that there will always be big differences in this game for top players (and/or spenders) and the rest. So what suits for top will not be okay for the rest and the other way around.
So this way SG always have to choose a way to keep
A top players happy
B the others happy
C a compromise between A and B.

I think the arrows are fair, they used to be much worse. I’d suggest working on a few extra healers so you have at least one per flag (two would be preferred). I know it’s not perfect, but the revenge bar is a lot of what makes these wars different from everyday raiding (aside from the team-work aspect). I honestly don’t mind them, and typically ignore them altogether.

Honestly, all of the revenge’s are fairly mild [to me], but I can understand that isn’t the case for everyone. Early on I found them problematic, but once you get a few healthy teams developed, I’m sure they’ll seem fairly trivial to you too. We all experience them, including your opponents, so in a sense it’s as fair as can be. It’s just another aspect of the game; something that takes learning how best to work around them. Good luck!

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