Reduced Titan Loot, undeserved

Once again, I get reduced loot on a titan, without deserving it.
A few hours before the titan spawned, I left my alliance, used a couple of titan flags in another alliance, left that alliance while their titan was still alive, and came back to my home alliance before our titan spawned, and it was a rare titan.
13 hours later, we killed our titan, I did top damage and got reduced loot.
I was in the alliance when the titan spawned and I didn’t kill a titan in any other alliance in between.
I don’t know, but it is possible that the previous titan in my I home alliance died less than 20 hours before.
Would that count for getting reduced loot?

Why can’t you just show the timer somewhere so we know when we can expect normal loot again?

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Yea they tweaked some things to screw mercs and honestly it’s really only screwing everyone else

Daily mercs already have schedules and workarounds figured out even tho still not as beneficial as it used to be

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