Reduced Rare Titan Reward Bug

So after all and a horrible service in ingame support from the AI-Software I am posting this here, hoping that a human guy probably @Petri or someone else - at least something better then the support software - will help me with my problem - which seems to be a bug or an error in the algorithm… I don’t know.

Despite the fact that I was a member of the alliance at the time the titan appeared and I got my last rare titan loot in exactly that alliance - according to release notes version 38 - i still got reduced rare titan loot.

Player: Judas Christ [DA]
Alliance: Die Anstalt [DA]
Rare titan killed at about 0:00 on 21.08.01

According to how I understand and interprete your release notes and to other opinions both of members of my alliance and her in this community, I think this must be a bug.

Kindly ask for a human operator.

Not an operator, but I have a question that may help someone deal with your problem. Did you switch alliances to merc at all between the last rare titan loot and your current reduced?

Have you received a Full Rare titan an another alliance in the last 12 days ?
Were you in different alliance when the rare titan was Appeared in your current alliance ?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then you will get a Reduced Rare Titan loot.
Otherwise you should get a full loot, and it is a bug if you have not receive it.

There is discussion about this in another topic in the last few days:


Were you in your alliance for the full 24 hours before the rare spawning also?

Because that is also a condition on Rare Titan Loot.

I can answer your questions with no. so I guess you got to the same interpretation as I did…

according to release notes: “previously, you needed to be a member for at least 24h…” leads me to the conclusion that this condition was cancelled. at least I translate it like this, as others do in this forum. If someone official tells me that it works like that, fine for me. But then I consider it to be a misleading release note.

And hrm… this would be a contradiction to point 1: 'need to be a member of the alliance the time the rare titan appeared" :thinking:

what about your previous titan loot? was it in a different alliance?

did at least 20 hours pass between that loot and the rare one?
isn’t there a sort of cooldown preventing people to get mutiple full loots a day?

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Best thing you can do if you think you’ve got a bug is to #contact-support

last full normal titan loot: same alliance

then spent about two flags in other alliances: reduced normal loot

i did already. not helpful cause that machine/algorithm can’t think.

again, did 20 hours pass between this reduced loot and the rare one?
if yes, only support can help you (yeah, I know, good luck with that!)

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what is your source for that? I didn’t find something about 20 hiurs… but no, there were no 20 hours, maybe four… in my opinion version 38 release says nothing about 20 nours… in fact it says “at the time titan appearer (…) previously you needed to be (…) 24 hour (…)”…

So I pretent you think there was a fault? I am just not sure cause some quote release notes 37, others just quote release notes 38 without any comment.

I mean, if it is like that, well ok I live with it. But I still miss a clear statement from the SG-Guys…

it’s not “new”. it’s going on since ages. you can read it here if you don’t believe me, from official SmallGiant support page

<< There are rules in place that reduce the Titan loot when you leave your Alliance. The purpose of this is to encourage players to stay and grow with their Alliance. Reduced loot means your loot tier is half of what it would have been.

You will receive reduced Titan Loot in the following situations:

  • It has been less than 20 hours since you last collected full (non-reduced) Titan loot
  • You have joined an Alliance after a Titan has already spawned

For example:
1 - Together, with your Alliance, you kill a Titan and receive full loot in accordance with your performance tier. For the next 20 hours, if you leave your Alliance and join another one, you will receive reduced loot. After 20 hours has passed since the previous Titan has been processed, you will now be eligible again for full loot provided you were within an Alliance before the defeated Titan spawns. >>

If still not your case, contact support.


So just a thought on what is going on.
You were in alliance A, and got a rare titan. You joined other alliances B, and C. Then you returned to alliance A, but the game thinks you actually joined a new alliance D. So the game thinks you got the previous rare titan in another alliance and thus giving you a reduced loot for the current titan. I’m thinking this would be the same reason why people leaving for titan mercing and returning to the alliance are suddenly finding themselves not in the war.

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