Reduced Raid Tournament Loot During Work on Matchmaking [Developer Response in Post 334]

So after the first raid tournament fiasco, SG announced that loot would be reduced temperarely. We now are on tourney 8ish and a couple months have passed. Are we going to see improvements soon? I am not expecting the loot to go back to week 1, but in the top 1% you have a 2% chance at a 4* ascention item. That means if you get top 1% every week for a year you should average 1 asc item per year. That seems super low. Anyways, just curiois if we are getting close to seeing loot improved.


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It’s not yet clear when SG is going to restore loot to the original levels. But I believe, given the maintenance break that we’re currently in, that there are plenty of planned updates. It would seem unwise to restore loot, have another major hiccup, and then reduce it again.


Tournament is fairly new… take what the defense gives you. All u have to do is participate. Some loot is better than none at all. I’m just happy to be a part of it


Personally, I think SG should take reasonable time to fix the tourney, the question is where else can tourney of this large scale be tested and properly fixed, in beta? Within a very few participants? Well I doubt, that is why the first tourney was riddled with bugs in the first instance.
Now that the tourney is live and being fixed alongside, the best action required is to be patient and allow the Dev to put this great feature in the appropriate perspective if we intend to enjoy the feature in the long run.

No offense is intended, I see a lot of complaints but a very few progressive suggestion of solutions, if one is considered a stakeholder as a player enough to voice numerous complaints, then one should also jointly encourage the problem or issue to be fixed via a viable solution.

In this case, the dev had openly acknowledged the error and confirmed working to fix, if it requires time to fix, imo I don’t think it cost more than" time " to fix, so why not give them the time , after all every aspect of this game takes time.



That update from Petri is a bit of a kick in the teeth to most players.
Loot will be increased for the top placements (i.e. the big spenders who moaned about less powerful spenders getting good loot in the first tournament). I remember when the loot was 1st reduced I said that I didn’t believe that they’d ever restore it to it’s original level and of course I was mocked by the usual SG apologists. But here is proof from their own mouths. The whole game is dying a slow death because the developers are only interested in a small proportion of the playing population but nothing will change for the good. Apart from the 5* tournaments and the last tournament that I wasn’t bothered with I’ve placed in the top 1% so I’m not just commenting out of jealousy. I simply believe that this is just plain wrong.


This massage is not FYI, it’s rather FY from SG to us.


I thought that the rewards for bottom 50% were overly generous in the original setup. My hope is that the 50-25% tier and above get a boost, not just the top 5% and above.


It’s rather going to be top5 and not 5%…

When SG will return to original loot for tournament?
This reduced loot to “fix” temporally sounds like a “forever reduced loot” =(

From that message, for all we know, they will be doing just the first phase of a loot increase.

Yea, it’s like I said, they didnt lower tournament rewards because matchmaking was bugged, they lowered the rewards because they were actually good and they never had intentions to increase them again.

But I suppose fanboys will still act like it’s okay


At least 1% had guaranteed epic token in original, now it’s 50% of regular token… And emblems from max 100 to max 30. Seriously? Well, I guess in 5 days you’ll get more from hero chests which you will open faster thanks to the tournament than from the tournament itself…

They didn’t lower tournament rewards because matchmaking was bugged, they lowered them as people finished in the incorrect tiers and got loot that they shouldn’t have. They have not increased the rewards due to several further bugs, matchmaking being one of them. I am sure the loot will be increased once a few raid tournaments are completed without any issues however I doubt it will be back to the original loot.

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Exactly, it was just a cheap excuse with those bugs.

At least I don’t waste gems on the lives restore to pursue better score :wink:

The great outrage after the first tournament did this - I hope these who complained way too much than is was worth will learn a lesson from it. Should have keep the complaining to the matchmaking, not the fact that someone who is not top player got rewards and top player didn’t. Now nobody gets the rewards.


And I hope this business model ruins them, but I doubt it, mobile gaming community has no spine.

I used to spend some cash on this game, but once I brutally realised that I either whale or dont achieve anything anyway it’s not worth it.

So instead of getting some cash from me they get none. Im a fool so I can hope there is a lot of people like me, but… Yea, im fooling myself, people will spend even if they realise it gives them no advantage whatsoever, unless they get extremely lucky or spend hundreds / thousands.


I hope they never restore to the original loot. It was completely out of whack with the rest of the game. I don’t see why these tournaments which require very little effort should be more rewarding than alliance wars or being ranked top 1000 in events.


Why… just why? Who cares if it’s out of whack, these tournaments are intended to make nearly all heroes valuable with some combination of rules. So if the rewards aren’t there then why invest in heroes that aren’t good enough for the other activities?

Tournaments are 4 days long (5 included preparation) … think of the loot from 5 days of titans and titan chest…or 2 wars…the loot was not “out of whack” for a 5 day event. However, as stated before I felt the loot needed to reward the top 3 finishers in the world…same loot as top 1% with maybe a unique avatar or a Title or something thrown in.

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