Reduced Raid Tournament Loot During Work on Matchmaking [Developer Response in Post 334]


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So after the first raid tournament fiasco, SG announced that loot would be reduced temperarely. We now are on tourney 8ish and a couple months have passed. Are we going to see improvements soon? I am not expecting the loot to go back to week 1, but in the top 1% you have a 2% chance at a 4* ascention item. That means if you get top 1% every week for a year you should average 1 asc item per year. That seems super low. Anyways, just curiois if we are getting close to seeing loot improved.


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It’s not yet clear when SG is going to restore loot to the original levels. But I believe, given the maintenance break that we’re currently in, that there are plenty of planned updates. It would seem unwise to restore loot, have another major hiccup, and then reduce it again.