Reduced Raid Tournament Loot During Work on Matchmaking [Developer Response in Post 334]

I agree with you that the real problem was the high number of people going 20-0. I also agree that some rewards are better than the zero we got before, and in addition, I believe a good tournament would be rewarding for the fun of playing it, regardless of loot.

However, I don’t understand why you think reducing loot is a “good” thing. Even if the second time around, the tournament doesn’t quite work perfectly, why would reduced loot be desirable in that scenario? Best case, I get some extra loot. Worst case, somebody other than me gets some extra loot. Why should that second case be a “bad” thing? It’s only “in the meantime” as you say…


Exactly @magicbeard - more loot = good.

LOL. So, this is SG’s idea of compensation? Haha.

What a joke. So many companies do this right. Just terrible, SG. Where is the incentive to play this disaster of a “tournament” with NEW lesser rewards?

How exciting.

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People felt that no one should have got good loot last tournament and that would be the “fair way” to go about it

Wish granted

Moral of the story:
Be careful what you wish for…


I would not be in favor of having fantastic loot rewarded on a system based on broken mechanics. Especially when large sums of emblems are potentially rewarded. There is an advantage having more emblems than everyone else (just look at the outrage over emblem packs where only 10 are offered for 175 gems).

Fix the mechanic, then restore the rewards.


I agree the new matchmaking is the more interesting topic.

I don’t like the idea of penalising people with stronger defence teams by starting them off against stronger opponents. It might be better instead for everyone to start off against some sort of mid-range team, and then move up or down from there, with the weighting of defence team power vs defence team performance slowly moving towards the latter over a period of 10 battles say.

This may result in mid range teams being attacked more often than others, but as long as everyone is attacked often enough for the defence score to have some meaning, then I don’t think that is bad on its own. However, if that’s not possible, then perhaps the first match should be random.

At the end of the day, like all tournaments, there will be some luck of the draw. This is not avoidable. We can only aim to minimise it as much as possible. In the long run, this is a weekly tournament, and so there will be enough tourneys for the luck (hopefully, for most people) to even out in the long run. We’re experts in that type of thinking now right?


If emblems weren’t being rewarded, would it then be OK? Or are EHTs and 4* mats for other people bad too?

This weird reintroduction does not inspire confidence and makes me think that they know it’s still messed up but don’t know if they fixed it or how to fix it. Loot aside - what is happening?!?!


I just don’t understand why the devs of this game are so stingy. This is a virtual game, and more virtual loot for everyone doesn’t cost SG more money or labor. It’s not like, say, an ice cream shop giving away free ice cream which would create financial risk and a burden on employees.

I play another mobile game called Dragalia Lost, and they fling out free stuff all the time. SG should just give everyone in the tournament nice loot “in the meantime” and generate some goodwill.


Many of the same people complaining about the reduction were those who said “its free stuff” suck it up and enjoy that you got something for free. You didn’t have to participate. Be happy you got something for the 5 minutes a day it took you to finish the tournament… it’s strange that they don’t see their own hypocrisy.

It is still the same free stuff. It’s just less of it.


You can’t introduce that many changes to software that fast without meaningful risk. It almost certainly will still have some issues. My guess is iteration 3 or 4 before all the bugs are ironed out.


This is literally the worst solution to the problem. I hope SG does realize this is just a mobile game for people to kill time with. Nobody has to have this in their life. Being insanely stingy like this about some virtue telescopes or rings is just beyond my comprehension. Only more and more people will leave the game and you can keep your scopes and rings to yourself.


I hope people realize this is just a mobile game for people to kill time with.

Both sentences make sense to me.

But literally, though?


2% 4* mat? 30 emblems? You say reduced for the moment. How long will they stay this way?

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I really liked the first tournament but I’m disappointed to see the new loot tiers.

If it’s temporary while it’s being fixed, I have no problem with that.

And I just like playing, so even if it was 5 free raids I’d play just for fun and a challenge of the new rules system.

But it would be nice to be excited by a few baubles and fewer silver tokens.

@Petri, I’ll add my voice to a request for some clarity, please - is this a work in progress or the new normal?

@kayo, you’re working overtime buddy! I’m going to raise your pay by 10% and twice the dog biscuits


This is such an a$$ backwards way of fixing a problem if I ever did see one.

Honestly this doesn’t inspire confidence. Although it’s funny because you know it’ll be spun as “but we listened to you so you can’t complain” when truth is they took the feedback that would most benefit their pocketbooks once again. Sigh.


I applaud the loot reduction…100 emblems was ridiculous for a random undeserving lucky recipient.

In this case they were not stingy, players were stingy.

We all win 20 raids but you get 100 emblems and i get only 5. That’s not fair.

So Small giant decided pretty much to give all the people 5 emblems. Fair.
100 emblems each would be unreasonable, seriously.

Honestly, i wouldn’t mind have another tournament and get 5 emblems this time for 20 wins, and another person 100 for the same result.

I know, i’m a terrible person.
I’m sorry.


Just add reroll and get over with, you pick your own components, how hard it is to do this?

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I’m not interested in whether this is a temporary solution with spoils, my reaction is immediate due to the scarce spoils from today my budget for the game is 0 (zero) $$$


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