Reduced Raid Tournament Loot During Work on Matchmaking [Developer Response in Post 334]

I’m not participating. Not happy about the loot reduction (and also the war being cancelled again–at least we got a flask for it).

Wars crashed this morning. It’s pinned in the bugs forum.

Lowering loot is never the answer to any question this game has ever had. It’s stupid, unnecessary, and will only serve to piss people off. One of the worst decisions they’ve ever made.

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I see what you mean but unfortunately I think loot should’ve just started out low to begin with. Had loot started low then not many would have complained with matchmaking issues.

Well actually, to begin with, testing improvements shouldn’t be something you do with your playerbase… I’m a full time developer by day… reducing loot just to test the improvements with the matchmaking, to me that equates to testing your product in production.

Well anyways, I know that is how most games are now-a-days, but it still sucks.

We can at least hope that the “for the moment” bit actually means it is temporary, and not something that disappears for a long time. It really sucks to see all those goodies the first time around, only to have them be taken away for an indefinite amount of time.

So far, the only other instance of that has been the 13 and 14 star titans. That was back in May 2018 when they were taken off the game. I mean come on, it’s been nearly a year since that happened, just bring them back already.

For the record: I’m still participating, and no I’m not going to put in a joke defense team. I’m going all out. So I’m gonna take these tourneys as seriously as possible still.


There have been massive communication failures with players about the tournament, the vast majority of which rely on in-game letters, and aren’t on these official boards. My alliance thought this loot reduction was designed for the three star raid tournament. Or it was permanent going forward. I’ve only just learned today it’s supposed to be for one week only.

The fact that the raid tournament matching wasn’t going as planned and was undergoing a fix wasn’t communicated at all. Lots of people in my alliance presumed everyone was pitted against the weakest players first, and that over time as we won every match we’d be pitted against harder and harder matches, until an equilibrium point would be reached for everyone, matching everyone against their peers in team power and match win results

How could that have designed the beta so poorly that they allegedly didn’t account for 3 star defence teams?

Most people are very patient when they know what’s going on, and what is being done. Usually they’re great about communicating about server glitches.

This time? No communication about tournament matching glitching.

No communication about what was going on with the loot.

No thought about the effect - in a game where more rewards are given out on chance than are given out on effort, a game design that is psychologically designed to be addictive - of not communicating why and under what circumstances you’re suddenly taking away the possibility of great loot.

I have great 3 star and 4 star heroes, talented up because I haven’t had the time, money, and opportunity to develop great 5 star heroes. In the mean time I’ve got a great 3 star team to do the monthly challenges. I thought the raid tournament was set up to reward people in my position, and even newer players with only three stars, who can’t compete with the All-5 star players who take out the normal raid competition, the best of the monthly challenge loot, and the high reward, high Titans in game.


The first Raid Tournament had issues with matchmaking that we were not able to detect before the feature went live. In Beta we test new features and content, and receive feedback from a limited group of players. However, in the live game we had over a million participants of varying levels enter the first Tournament. Due to this it was - and still is - very challenging to test a feature of this magnitude outside the live game.

With larger new features such as the Raid Tournament, adjustments are needed to ensure they run smoothly and give the best player experience possible. I hope that you accept our sincerest apologies for the issues that have risen. We all understand it was disappointing to play a malfunctioning Tournament and that the various issues with matchmaking caused a lot of frustration. Please note that we’ll also continue improving the matchmaking over the coming weeks.

I am very sorry for the confusion over the changes that were made due to the issues. I agree that mentioning the changes in the build notes will not always be enough to explain what is happening and how it will affect your gameplay experience. We are taking this as a valuable lesson and I will make sure to add a step to our communications before we do any major releases or significant changes.

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to provide valuable feedback and ideas regarding the Raid Tournament and how it could be developed further. Please do keep in mind that our first priority right now is to make sure that the current issues are fixed before any further adjustments are made. This includes changes to the loot, which will be made better than it currently is once we are confident that it will be distributed fairly based on performance.

We will keep you updated on our progress. You can find a log of all the changes we make to this feature here: Raid Tournament Change Log

Thank you for your patience with us.


We would love to know how matchmaking is suppose to work. Even with the changes you have made it makes no sense that I have been attacked 26 times and my alliance mate who has a similar def TP has been attacked twice.

SO instead of just telling us the changes, maybe explain what the ultimate goal is and how the matchmaking is suppose to work. Then we know if things are working as intended or not and can report back to you in the forum.

Since this is basically a live beta with over a million players in it for the tournaments, I would think our feedback as well as our money would be important to SG.


I think some of the issues that the player base has is the vagueness of change log information and that it is mostly left to the moderators rather than staff to address peoples concerns. Your reply states “This includes changes to the loot, which will be made better than it currently is”, that doesn’t specifically state that it will revert back to the original level of loot and unfortunately there’s obviously a trust issue so players are still left wondering what will happen. The reduction in loot should have at least been offset by something (like an extra rare quest). Will the raid tournaments be stringently tested by the player base if people are not taking them seriously as the loot is so bad that we’re only just using them to fill chests? I may not even use all my attacks every day if I’ve already filled my hero chest and I don’t want to risk losing a battle.


All good stuff, thanks.

I think getting answers like this helps clear up the air a lot. Communication is very tricky thing indeed, but the change log is a great idea.

Also I noticed that those with inflated scores have now been adjusted, which is great to see. Thank you and your team for getting on that so quickly, it is a relief to see that the players at the top all have serious defense teams now.


I totally understand where you are coming from, since all my previous experiences were with live PvP and no rerolls.

But we saw this with war, Empires players like to reroll opponents. Heck, I like to reroll opponents. Some players dropped out of war because of no rerolls. Some players will skip tourneys because of no rerolls.

Some players will skip tourneys because you can not Tourney drop.

Many players raid only to get food and tourneys give you no immediate reward.

I skipped rare and legendary tier Challenge events before emblems were added. I anticipate skipping 4* / 5* Tourneys based of the rewards from the first Tourney.

Gryphonkit talked me into signing up for 3* Tourneys.

I find it interesting that titan loot was improved in version 1.5 for lower level teammates.

Devs finally got me to participate in Rare and Legendary tiers of Challenge events by adding decent tier completion rewards.

Beta feedback ( according to rumors ) asked that decent guaranteed reward be added. Since this takes as long a a Wanted Titan Mission Chest to complete, I am surprised the lowest rewards are not better.

Just to be clear, I’m not against the loot reduction while the tournament issues are addressed. However, I don’t think what was done is a reduction, it’s a drastic cut in rewards. This dog still wants a bone.


Loot is trash. Other than filling a chest I see no motivation to even bother with this.

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I’m sure the people in the defense thread struck with an “E” grade after getting hit once and losing are really, really upset that those that somehow accumulated a better win rate over 40 hits are really worried about the loot reduction. I know I’m personally devastated that they’re missing out :wink:

The reason to continue despite said trash loot is to give SG the data they need to figure out how to fix things, since part of the problem as acknowledged was the beta testing pool being relatively small. But you know, feel free to sit out and wait for it to be fixed.


Here is the bone we get…


Im much more frustrated with getting absolute trash rewards for being in top 1% than bad matchmaking

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Response in 345… :thinking: waiting for one more post.


The response from Sara is at 333/334.

I question if they even beta tested this shambles of a raid war. Its a complete joke. Do beta testers actually do anything other than choose heros they want?

in my opinion, a decent tournament would be able to use (in this case) rare heroes with rare troops and 3 * items sorting the spoils in order at the end of the tournament. I’m sure it’s simple to solve but these rules they put do not help. For example, who is going to serve 2 * troops?

While I’m sure beta discussion addressed a variety of things, they only have so much time, and perhaps their time was crowded out talking about 100 gem entry fee.