Reduced Raid Tournament Loot During Work on Matchmaking [Developer Response in Post 334]


I’ve just read the update on the upcoming Raid Tournament.
The pretty decent loot which was a definite improvement on the usual
sources of loot has been reduced “for the time being”.
This is not the way to fix the tournament. Decent loot is already so frustrating to get.
I agree with the newer matchmaking of comparable teams but I hope that the available scores will reflect the increased difficulty in beating stronger teams.
Players who have grinded their way to build up strong rosters of 4* (or 3*) heroes should not lose out because of that. If I beat 4 out of 5 max 4* defence teams then my score should be a lot more than a weaker player who won 5/5 easy matchups.
The new matchmaking may be exploited by strong players putting up weaker defence teams and then winning all their attack matchups and as their defence teams will only face comparable teams then they shouldn’t lose a disproportionate amount of defence battles compared to a strong defence facing strong attackers.

Developers’ response: Reduced Raid Tournament Loot During Work on Matchmaking [Developer Response in Post 334]

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Raid tournament loot REDUCED so MUCH
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Yay the merc loot for titans has come to the raid tournaments…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:. Guess if the right person complains SG bends over backwards to listen…I wonder if they will listen when a whole host of people complain about reduced raid tourney loot…I suspect not.


Indeed, I don’t see how decreasing loot is helping the problem.


I think the reason they decided to lower the loot for the time being is that they still aren’t sure the tournament will run smoothly. If there are still big issues then at least there wont be so many people outraged that the wrong people get such amazing loot like the first time around. I think once they feel the kinks have been worked out they will increase it again.

Also I agree that stronger teams could potentially get an advantage by setting a weaker defense team. I also think the scores will more accurately reflect difficulty this time so maybe it will be in your best interest to face tougher matchups. Let’s see how it goes.


I’m actually fine with the reduced loot until they are sure the matchmaking is working as intended. I think we can consider the next few tourneys as almost an expanded beta.

I actually think this is the biggest mistake:

The difficulty of enemies that the players face at the beginning of the Tournament is now determined by the strength of their Tournament Defense Team.

So, so you have a tourney limited to 4* and lower. A person that enters a 3* defense team will start off facing equivalent strength defenses? That seems like an awful idea.

I also don’t like this:

The amount of Difficulty Bonus is increased and has more emphasis on the performance of the opponents Tournament Defense Team.

Especially with how the matchmaking starts now, I feel the team power needs to be taken in to account. In the 4* war example, a team of max 4* is going to be attacked by similar strength players and could easily suffer a few losses in a row. Does that mean this defense team should have a lower difficulty bonus than a 3* defense team that won a few defenses in a row against their 3* attackers?



Comparing it to Alliance wars ( started out mocked and then slightly less mocked ), I was surprised the tourney loot started out high enough to cause mass complaints. Maybe because of the 75g continue. Who wants to spend 75g for 1x ascension item roll?

Several high level players suggested ZERO loot until tourneys are fixed.


seems to be a pattern of prominent players leaving just after they complained enough to get loot for the rest nerfed

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The more I think about this, I feel the starting bonus should be based on team power. Then, it could be adjusted up or down based on actual results from there. Even if a 4* defense team has lost all of their defenses, beating that team should be worth more than defeating a 3* team that has won all of their defenses


Instead of reducing loot…they should be increasing it until it is fixed and running smoothly.

Give us a reason to beta test this thing on a mass scale. I get reducing it to reduce complaints but noone wants anything reduced. Their line of thinking is bassakwards.

Just set it that everyone who participates gets 1-5% loot guaranteed and the the top 1% get 1% loot rewards. Simple. Now everyone wants to jump on board the rewards wagon and we will really stress the tournament mechanics and find any issues there are so they can fix it.


Yeah how many people would like to go into their jobs tomorrow and have their boss tell them that they have to test a big new computer system rollout and give feedback to fix the bugs in the system and in the next breath be told they will make half as much as they normally make…


Go through the multiple complaint threads, you will see many people said they should have lowered the loot on finding there was an issue with the matching. Of course no company would lower advertise loot after the start of an event, but given that they could run into other issues that are exposed at scale, it makes sense to advertise lower loot until things run smoothly.


We complaint so much before that they decided to drop rewards for everyone to avoid that same complaints.
Basically… is our fault, i totally understand them.

Now then, are you happy?
Yay! Fairness!


Moderators’s Note: I have asked Petri for a clarification and to post an update here.


I would love to participate in a properly working raid tournament that
my ranking properly reflected my roster and my game play skills and resulted in decent loot. I’m kind of disinterested in this one. I agree that loot should be increased for everyone as we iron out the creases. I’ll still participate but I’m just left feeling a bit underwhelmed. The developers need this tournament to succeed to prolong the shelf-life of the game.


What am I missing, why do you think it isn’t a consideration? They are explaining delta’s to the original matching and TP played a role in that.

In typical SG way, they aren’t clear on what they mean. If this is a description of the enemies my defense team faces, but not my offense, then it fine. That was my assumption on reading it.


I never understood players requesting a lowering of the loot. Its like if somebody offered me 20 euro for free but told me that someone else was getting 50 and I said I didn’t want it just so neither of us got anything but both of us got the same.


Unfortunately you’ve just described a strange twist observed in all primate studies (including humans): e.g. perceived unfairness in rewards results in unhappiness. Give a chimp a treat it only kinda likes, but let it observe another chimp getting a great treat, and bad things happen. Or try giving half of a kindergarten class 1 marshmallow and the other half 2.


Not that I like it but it is understandable.

So many vocal players here complaining the loot was “unfairly” distributed so they decided to lower the loot until they are sure they can provide a “fair” experience.

Doesn’t take a genius to realize that this decision was the only sane solution to the problem.

Fingers crossed for everyone who think they deserve it on their way to precious 1% this time.


The forum needs their daily fix of stuff to complain about so SG delivered…


Does it mean that not putting the best defense can take you farther than putting your best one? I don’t quite get the matchmaking. But I’m definitely considering not putting the best defense :thinking: