Reduced max life and increased temp life

So we have a few new skills that involve lowering an enemies max health and a few that increase max health. For examples let’s say Fura and Gullinbursti. I do t see how these can be properly used to there fullest abilities. Can anyone elaborate on thier skills and how effective this type heroes can be?

I find the temp health boost to be far more useful than the health reduction… You can essentially double your heroes health to make them nearly invincible.

Health reduction on the other hand, whereas useful to keep your opponents health low just doesn’t offer a big enough decrease to make a big difference right away. At least from the testing I’ve done. Basically, if a hero has 1000 health, heroes like Almur and Fura will reduce their max health by 100pts each time their specials are used.

I still think both of these new skills are pretty cool and a fresh new tool to use in the game. I think it forces players to really think about hero chemistry and timing which adds a bit more strategy into an otherwise straight forward gamve…


Good input. Thanks

Curious, does only one response mean no one else uses heroes like these? I dont run across them in war or raids.

Health reductions are smaller in general than health boosts since taking away a chunk of HP that is allowed to be healed can set up guaranteed sniper kills. So that’s why they’re more useful for long-drawn matches, since the benefits of multiple health reductions are much better. Health reduction can’t be cleansed either, only health boosts from Gullinbursti or cKashhrek can overwrite it.

You won’t see Fura or Almur on any high level defenses because they’re 4* with low durability. Offense is where they’re best, but mostly because of their other effects as those are more immediately useful.

As for Alfrike, I do see her rarely on defenses. She can be a very powerful tank or flank if she fires… keyword being a big IF. You usually lose the match if she fires once. But otherwise she has the same issues as Boss Wolf, which is v. slow speed and easy to mana control. She is a stellar offensive hero too, IF she’s properly supported. However just like the other two, I think she’s better for her mindless attack status rather than the health reduction, as the former is more immediately useful.

Alfrike for Legendary challenge events (barring Pirates) in particular is crazy good. She’s a very good boss killer specially for the later levels.

Alfrike with her dark cubes changes the health reduction game. She makes a huge different particularly if you have already taken 1 or 2 heroes out.

Combo of mindless attack and health reduction is devastating…which is why I find myself raiding with a very slow hero!!

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Best counter here is minions. I have raided and won against Alfrike firing using Seshat and sometimes Telluria largely due to the minion meat shield protecting my now very low health heroes.

Whats the point with Fura and Almur?

Lets say I see Gullinbursti on defence and want to go against him with Fura. How many times in PvP you can get 10 times mana’s full?

10 times because if Fura reduces Gullinbursti’s max health 10 times, it goes lower than 30%

I think the reduce should much more than 100 (Fura) / 75 (Almur)

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