Reduced Loot Tier is not balanced

I understand that the devs don’t want to allow any hacks to playing. But reduced loot tiers need to be balanced.

A perfect example is I used my titan flask to help a team out. It was a rare. They had 1.5 hours left.

Now, I understand if you want to limit the rare items going to a merc or emblems. Because you don’t want an unfair advantage for those things. BUT why reduce the food, backpacks and those items so much.

I got like 3k food for a 8* rare with an A score using a flask.

I’d say you are unfairly punishing both the merc and the alliances. Merc’ing allows us to meet other players. Chat, share knowledge and tips and take a break from the monotony of just always within one alliance for months.

You may want to make the game a bit more balanced.

I understand the special item issue and the emblems. But not the rest of the loot. Because that’s just overboard. And is a penalty that makes the game not the same.

Got to allow for some interactions with other players beyond a chat room that is full of lurkers. You are killing the game a bit.