Reduced loot tier in home alliance?

In between titans, I left my home alliance to spend a flag, and then spent 2 more after leveling. When I returned, we had about 4 or 4h30 until our titan popped. I went to sleep. I woke up and smashed that rare 14* red and pulled A+. It died with about 10h left on the timer and my A+ loot was reduced loot. I didn’t merc any rare titans that time that I recall, by the way. It was all baby titans to help others out and collect some food. I thought I would be fine in my home alliance?

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See Guv’s explanation

As I wrote, I rejoined my home alliance 4-4h30 BEFORE the next titan spawned.
I never got full loot from any other alliance; I left to merc just after we killed the prior titan.
As expected, I got reduced loot from all the merc flag titans (I only went for food). I was not expecting to have to wait 20h between my home alliance titan kills/ full loot rewards.
I thought the point of the 20h is for people not to get full loot from merc farming outside their home alliance?

Note from Version 38 update:

  • Rare Titan Rewards are reduced if you were not a member of the Alliance at the time the Titan appeared, or if it has been less than 12 days since you received a full Rare Titan reward in a different Alliance. Previously, you needed to be a member of the Alliance 24 hours before the Rare Titan appeared.

My guess is that you guys killed the red rare too quick, so you received the reduced loot because less than 20 hours since you received full titan loot (from last titan killed in your own alliance)


EtreusDread: Gave you a like to show my empathy. I’m sorry you got reduced loot on a 14* rare. I’ve gotten reduced loot on a 14* rare too. :frowning:

If I understand you correctly, there was 4.5-4 hours left before this rare spawned, when you returned to your alliance after mercing; and it was killed with about 10 hours left?

22 hrs - 10 hrs left = 12 hours to kill rare titan
Then add 4 hours (time in alliance before spawn)
= approx 16 hours since you last received titan loot whilst mercing

If the above is correct, then you received reduced titan loot due to the 20 hrs rule, which applies to the loot received in a different alliance.

You can view this information by clicking the ? on the titan rewards screen. Screenshot details in my OP here (wording applied to older version of game): Disappointed by reduced titan loot

In case you find something unclear, please let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:


I thought that it was all about the home alliance vs other alliances? I never got full loot from another alliance? I thought that the update 38 (12 days rule) replaced the other (18 or 20 hours) rule? Are they both still in place?
I had returned to the SAME alliance, so I didn’t think I’d be subjected to any 12 days rule… because I never collected full loot somewhere else and hadn’t collected from a rare outside my home alliance…

He only received reduced loot while merching.
Neither the 20 hours nor the 12 days rule must apply.
It’s not the first time I hear about a reduced loot like this one.
I wouldn’t be surprised if SG messed things up once again.

IMO, yet another bug.

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