Reduced Loot rewards after Version 40 released

I always keep a track and stats of whole alliance titan damge and titan loot and war stats on my discord server…

““FYI we defeating 14* titans from past 2 years””

And recently after the version 40 released im seeing a significantly reduced loot (actually not only me but the whole alliance)
Less rewards Including ham,iron,3&4* ascension mats…
And saw that some other alliance and players complaining the same on global AR,line groups and discord server so SG why???

Players share your experience


It seems like every time there is a new version released there is a thread querying the supposed loot reduction.

I haven’t seen any difference in my loot.

My curiosity is piqued though by your comment that you track all the loot for your entire alliance from titan kills/ wars etc.

There haven’t been enough wars yet in version 40 to be statistically relevant yet to show anything. However I would be interested in your full data set at each grade by average individual per titan for the number you have killed since v40 release date vs the same for the same number of titans prior to V40. Its probably still too small a data set too, but at least it would be someone supplying data to back up the theory for once…

Edited to add if you could also include reduced tiers and escaped titans separately it would help reduce the background noise in the data


As you have been defeating 14* titans for the last two years and this is the first time you have posted about this then your observations should be worthy of Collecting data from others and not belittled.
Obviously you did not make the same observation on any of the other versions.!

But don’t be surprised if your thread is hijacked and belittled by a certain group on here.
I don’t post very often now, i mainly read to pick up any useful information which is very few and far between.

I have noticed a general trend to reducing loot… But i don’t have data to back it up.


I honestly didn’t see this change. Furthermore, I even received loot tickets from a 9* titan, not rare.

As @HELLFIRE said, it would be interesting if we had some data collection.


Care to share this data you’ve collected along the way and how statistically significant it is?

Otherwise, below summarizes my feelings


I think you are not observed properly all the rewards are transferred to Goblin and SGG wants sell all rewards through Goblin. In place of good rewards you will get goblin box means that you should purchase all through goblin

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Great!! Soon we’ll need to buy even the access in game when we log in​:face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hahaha thats good point🙊