Reduced loot if you're not in an alliance

Thank you mon1…

@Mon1 My alliance’s number one rule is no drama, including racism, sexism, etc. Even more than participation. Start drama amd you get the boot.

Drama free alliances do exist. You just have to find folks who share the no drama stance…


I’m not sure if any alliance can truly be drama free, after all, we are dealing with real people and all their different personalities.

You are right though in saying, too much negative drama requires leadership to deal with it.

Our alliance has had our fair share of drama over the past year, and each time we’ve managed to deal with it and come out stronger for it.

If anything, it’s those dramatic moments that make us analyise where we’re at and what’s really important!

Drama gets the boot in the alliance I used to lead as well, but thankfully we have had almost none. I had to leave due to personal reasons (I can’t be hassling people to hit the titan and participate in wars if my own life doesn’t let me). So now I’m in a casual alliance until things settle down…no drama there either.


I think “casual alliance” can mean multiple things. Our folks are expected to participate, and at this point if someone doesn’t participate for more than a day, we are more worried something is wrong than about their participation. We have weeded out a lot of the drama starters.

Its interesting cause we have some open spots but no real rush to fill them cause we have a fantastic group dynamic.

That’s a pretty vague answer. If that translates as “doing alliance leader stuff,” ill observe that there are 29 other players in your alliance who are apparently putting in a lot less time and still reaping equal benefit.

Doesn’t seem like it’s the game that’s demanding the hours you’re choosing to invest…


Just to chime in with my experience,. I came from a game where i was in deep not so much regards to money but time and event requirements. That game was super tough as one slip in an event could mean going from top 5 to outside top 100 and hurting your team. It was too much.

I find this game and played solo for a couple of weeks and went looking for an alliance to be able to fight titans. That was over a year ago and I’m still here. We have players with full 5 star rosters down to level 10 players just starting out. It’s a great mix. Feel free to opt out of wars and try not to miss 3 titans in a row. It’s super easy going and people play because they want to. We have a great mix of ages, locations and gender and have avoided mono cultures which helps keep the chat interesting. Players who are too intense would hate it but that keeps it free of drama too. Not one cross word in 400+ days and that’s pretty awesome. We dont take down big titans but neither do we sweat the small stuff. Just the odd moan about RNG lol

I’m sure there are many more like us but I have no desire to go hunting for them. And we almost always have a few spots open. Blessed to have this family.

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SG/Zynga are here to make $$$$. Mercs dont help that cause. They want team unity, fight with the team, become a team. Internal competition to grow, become stronger and grow to the top spot and seek higher alliance status. Everything is about the addiction of this game to spend 6+hrs growing and playing.

Really it is a game. Why is the merc issue so big with the developers…this is the question that needs to be asked?

All players with different strategies should be able to play their way. All the game bans/rule changes are a way to direct the game that benefits others pockets $$$$$$.

It is a game…for others making profit…not the gamer.


I bought all specials with titan flasks and those flasks combos. they were making money off me. Not anymore.


And now even regular titan loot is reduced if you join after a titan has spawned, even after the 20-hour reduced loot one-hour. Thank you SG and @Petri for fixing a non-problem and eliminating a play style completely.


Agreed, I am using the merc style to regain the love for this game. SG/Zynga rules, but becoming boring…same cycle being in an alliance. Hit titan X amount of times, dont miss those war hits. Get up early…start over for the same thing. Now the rules stopping players to find the love in this game…rather than leaving it. Im closer to the later…

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Taking the emblems off rare titans if you weren’t in the alliance when the titan spawned is a great idea that needed immediate attention. I’m glad they did that. Maintains balance with progression.

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Isn’t it much the same in any big rpg?

In wow, you used to get less loot if you weren’t in an alliance with a raiding team. It’s different now with the looking for raid system but still… there’s stuff you have to participate in at a group level to get loot. that’s just how it goes.

It is the same in mine, and there is some unrest (not drama, just unrest) if anyone comments that more flags could be used in war. I don’t get it myself. If you join an alliance then you hit the titans. If you don’t opt out of war then you use your flags. It’s not even a casual vs hardcore thing, the options are there to not participate for people that don’t want or don’t have time to do it.

Setting no other restriction than hitting titans and using flags IF opted in to war is casual.

So I find the complaint of having less loot for people that actively choose to participate in less things is really quite silly.


But mercs aren’t participating is less things, they use the flags to kill titans just like everyone else in the game and deserve loot for doing so


Oh I absolutely agree that mercs deserve loot. They are participating, in my mind, by using flags. No arguments there.

Mercs got hit hard because a few were using the system a little too much to their advantage, and I guess the powers that be found it too difficult to discourage/prevent that behaviour without hurting mercs in general. It’s unfair, but it’s not the first time that the actions of a few hurt a bigger group of players.


I agree that their are bad alliances out there and finding a good one is important because some of the people here do not understand that some of us are not lucky enough to have
a brother/sister/significant other at home.

we have an alliance member who is 85 years old. she was married for 42 years and her husband passed recently and this lovely lady came to our alliance and was very quiet for a while. she began giving us wisdom beyond our years and got to share some heartwarming stories for us and she gladly thanked us for giving her some new friends. at her age a lot of people she knows has gone from here and now we were able to give her a place to share her life and have a renewed joy reliving old experiences. For some of us finding the right alliance gives you something that money cant buy. this alone makes me happy that SG is making money and improving a game that has its flaws but also has a lot of promise or most of us wouldnt be here.

mercs are their own breed of person and in my own personal experience, not the most sociable of people in real life. alliance life is not something they seek as some people enjoy being alone.

This trend of coming into MultiPlayer games and expecting the developers to make a “solo” model really started with WOW and has turned into an epidemic which does more harm than good. It says multiplay for a reason if that bothers you there are plenty of solo play games out also.

finding the right alliance can be life changing. just had beers with four of my alliance members at a bar. was a great time. can’t see me meeting up with a bunch of mercs cause how do we meet when all we do is pop in and pop out? does the word loyalty scare today’s generation? some of these things confuse me about new gamers and I have to observe this cause this is not the same gaming world I grew up in.

reduced loot, in a game meant to be played as a multiplayer game, for players choosing to go solo makes sense to me as they are not wanting a solo experience so catering to one is bad business imho


1 titan out of many for emblems. It was not many…

Sometimes more titans, outside of team concept.

Disagree, i was in 3 teams. One for 8+ months. The game has become boring for most of us. Searching for more.

Saying mercs are not sociable/loarners…

You mentioned not knowing mercs, because they pop in/out… How do you know them to say what you are saying? Some of the mercs are in teams, so bad definition of what you assume mercs are.


totally said personal experience. in my first alliance we would have mercs come in they would talk for a minute which of course would lead to someone asking them to stay. they didnt of course and whenever they left people would wonder about their heroes or years but then get upset because they left with knowledge. As I stated it was only from my experience I’m sure others have their own.

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