Reduced loot. Did they shaft Merc’s again...?

Is it a thing now to get reduced loot on the first titan killed after you join an alliance?

The past 2 I’ve been a part of have given reduced loot even after the 12hr timer was expired.

Maybe they snuck it into the latest update. We get to keep our war chest but get hosed on loot.

Yep, been like that for several months now.

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Yep, anything new here.
They allowed to go mercing without losing war partecipation, but still you have to do it just for glory or to gift some alliance your spare hits.

  • Battling multiple Titans with different Alliances within a single day reduces the value of any potential loot. This effect, if active, can be seen in the Titan Rewards information dialog
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So 30 hours between titans. Many 4* items used. Reduced loot tier 8. I understand not being eligable for the bonus items but my regular 12* titan loot is also reduced.

Maybe the real prize was the fight


well feeling really really disappointed and annoyed. I have had a proposal but I don’t know whether SG would approve it or not. My suggestion is for the top 1,2,3 titan players to get a permanent prize, so they are not disappointed. prizes can be in the form of emblems or max trainers so other players will be eager to hit titan to be ranked top. as we know the best titan loot has been ranked down and I’ve noticed it and this is what makes the negative side where players try to be ranked below

I’m totally cool not getting bonus items, i knew that going in. I’m cool not getting any 3 or 4 star items, everything is random always was. This is just a bug where loot was reduced to wrong tier so i got shorted my chances for loot of any kind.

The idea that top hitter’s loot is being reduced is completely wrong. A+ hitter always has the best chance of getting the best loot—unless that title goes to a visiting, short-term merc. When there are 25 B or C grades, and only 5 A+/A grades, the likelihood is good that someone in the B/C range will get better loot than someone-or a yone-in the A/B tier.

I understand your resentment and also I have been disappointed a few months. I haven’t gotten the AM 4 * for a long time and this morning was the highlight of my disappointment where I got a natural chest element and the results were very painful and disappointing

I understand the results that we can rely on luck and a random gift distribution system. but I only want SG to give a fixed prize for a rating of 1,2,3 so as not to be disappointed. as we know Titan 10, 11, 12 we certainly use materials to fight the titan and the material we use is difficult to obtain and unbalanced which is obtained to make the material

Not sure if you’re talking to me or not but yeah i did get reduced loot even with a thirty hour cooldown. You can see it in the picture above