Reduced kageburado's attack power?

I realized that the kageburado has not finished any enemis with half life even with reduced defense, fix it urgently, i only have 3 heroes 5 stars at level 48 and still worsen the ones i have, so i can’t continue, the epic hero tokens are gone and when they appear only results in a bad 3 star hero, atlantic portal is horrible too, ct 20 is a tragedy, hero of the month never won, 4 star ascension items nothing, portal of troops only comes the bad ones. If i get to level 49 with just that i have to deactivate my account and stop investing in this unfair game with old and active players.

Can you explain what bug you think you’re seeing?

Kageburado does much less damage to enemies with half health or lower than he does to enemies with more than half health.


That’s what the OP sounds like to me. Lack of understanding the burrito’s special.


Also, there really is no need to post threats about leaving if your issue isnt given top priority.

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Seems a bit harsh.

Personally the said hero is fantastic as he is. Nothing needs to be changed

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In this vast game, a tweak to a single heroes’s special attack tips the balance from fair to unfair game for you? Really?




And the predictable consequence:



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