Reduced food and metals and hero cap drastically reduced

Hey all yesterday afternoon I noticed that I was receiving far less food and metals when collecting. Still the same this morning. Also, I bought the big ticket special, this morning as I always do. I have generally got a high hero cap but suddenly I can’t fit more than 19 before having to use them. In addition I don’t think they are all showing up when I use My replay tickets. After a couple rounds of replay it tells me that my roster is full and gives me the option to buy more space. I don’t know where all the other heroes I won went but wow something is up…I see tons of won heroes when I replay but then when I go to my hero’s roster I have only 19 every time after playing 7 tickets multiple times. As I said, when the battle is over I have a lot of won of hero’s but almost none in my roster. Anyone else?

An additional comment also, when I sacrifice the won hero’s I have to pay a small mint, hundreds of gems each time there has to be a bug I am a regular multiple times a day plater so know how things are generally. Something is definitely messed up.

pictures please

20 car

It is farm? In which season map stage?

Yes, using loot ticket or not, if we are farming, we have chance to get 1* or 2* heroes, if we have free space available. We can feed those 1* and 2* heroes to our best 3*, 4* and 5* heroes, to make it free available free space.
So, the best way, make sure we have more free space available before using loot ticket.

Do you count and notes before and after farm?

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I didn’t think to get pictures. Basically, my hero page has tons of room normally and usually when I buy the 100 tickets it is time to level up and I have been saving food and metals with the two major titans happening. Well when I collected them I got only a few thousand of each instead of the hundreds of thousands I get each day. Then when I used the tickets, I could see I was getting a lot of heroes in my replays and I got only 19 EVERY time on my hero roster. EVERY time. I should have had enough to level up lots of my heroes some who I have really been waiting for the ticket thing. Well that didn’t happen. I instead got a message that said that my roster was full did I want to but more space? So that is basically it. Starved,nothing to build with and almost no one to sacrifice. Thanks for asking. Meg

Screenshots of all your heroes please…

Seems to me you might have re-installed the game and play store saved progress was a couple levels down, to that’s why you collect less from farms and mines, and have less roster space…

Thank you I didn’t do that though been playing the same one updated regularly of course since day one. The tech guys are working to see if they can figure out what happened I appreciate your thoughts. Meg

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