Reduced Emblems in Trials?

Wasn’t there always 15 of each for the 3rd stage?


If i’m not mistaken, it is supposed to be 7 for stage 1, 10 for stage 2 and I think 15/20 for stage 3, was that not what was implemented the last time?

Or did they revert back to the old emblem ratio again?

@Guvnor @littleKAF

It used to be 8 for the last Stage. You can see from the screenshots here


Could swear that it were 15 lol :flushed:

Nope, no chance. However, I remember they said they’ll double the emblems and from 8 they increased to 10. Math is not SGG’s friend!

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I got a total of 22 emblems in each trials, so I think it’s correct this time as well.


Nope. Been 22 total per class since the upgrade.

Used to be 18 per class but got upgraded a while back when they increased the emblem drop rates.


They said that across the board emblem drops would double… not that they would exactly double from each source.
For example, class quests have gone up only slightly, tournies have probably more than doubled, mystic vision has definitely more than doubled, VIP has x3, etc…


I guess I remember it used to be 8

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