Reduced accuracy affects the whole squad?

I guess I should record all my matches so I don’t look like a whining kid all the time here, but I’m sure a lot of you have noticed this as well. After a Joon tank hit ONE of the FOUR purples in my attack squad, that 40% decrease in ONE hero’s accuracy led to 66.67% of my attacks to miss. I know this for a fact because right after that hit by Joon, I attacked him with three purple tiles, two of which missed.

Does the 40% reduction in accuracy of ONE HERO affect ALL MY HEROES? What kind of ■■■■■■■■ is this?? It’s quarantine here and E&P is one of the few things that are keeping me preoccupied, is it too much to ask for the developers to FIX THESE FCKING ISSUES??!

You just got unlucky. Tile damage is assigned to one of the heroes from that color, looks like 2 of the tiles were assigned to the blinded guy and both of them missed. Unlikely but happens.


The affect is applied to an amount of all purple tiles proportionate to the number split between your heroes.

So, for example, the effect is applied to one of two heroes at 50% accuracy. That translates to a total accuracy of 25% for all purple tiles.

However, a 25% chance doesn’t mean that every fourth tile would miss and every other three hit because it’s probability.

It’s like rolling six dice, if you roll three ones, it’s not a bug, just probability in action.

Obviously, recording the results on three tiles is completely inconsequential from a statistics point of view.

It would be the same with a Critical Chance buff. If one had a 25% chance of a critical hit and got three out of four, I’m guessing it would just be ‘good luck’ not a ‘bug’.

Anyway, it’s working as intended


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