** Reduce Titan Time⏳**

Please I ask you two things:

• Reduce the waiting time for a new Titan to appear, after defeating him.
• And decrease the time to charge the energies of attacking the Titan from 4 hours to 3 hours.

Thank you!

Who supports leaves a like and vote :heart:

Titans should be a challenge. For that reason, I will not vote for it.


How to face this challenge if you don’t have the energy?
Not all players have heroes strong enough to face the Titans, they do low damage.
If you decrease the time you can attack more often and help the alliance more.


THIS is the challenge. 20charactersforourLadyofDiscord


Bad suggestion, just have patience

The biggest issue with reducing the spawn time after a defeat that I see is that you also reduce the time you have for flags to replenish so therefore run the risk of starting behind on the next one


Sorry for the delay to answer, I’m new here I have to wait 1h to answer, and I need to translate my messages before sending, it’s funny ksksks but.
it will continue to be a challenge, but the attacks will load 1 hour faster, they are only 24 hours to kill, and Titan has a lot of life.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I understand your motive. However, I don’t think it’s appropriate. When a Titan is too heavy, you must let it pass. If your alliance does not slay the Titan, then try to slay the next one. Here is the key to success, that this will be recognized soon enough. Only then all attacks can be used on the new Titan. If one step (amount of stars the titan has) is too heavy, take a step back. Then practice your skills, improve your roster and test various combinations. Then you can try it again. This is how this game is…

With all due respect, but reducing difficulties is demotivating. If there are no hard goals to achieve, why bother?


You got to fight the titan you got to fight. If an alliance doesn’t kill the titan is because, either a bad planning or it’s not at the level yet.

A Titan is active for 24 hours.
If the energies take 4 hours to charge (24/4 = 6) soon each player will be able to make a maximum of 6 attacks on a Titan, if reducing that time by one hour it will be just two more attacks (24/3 = 8)
Not all players will use all available attacks, Titans will continue to escape
Where is the difficulty less?
The idea is just to reduce this absurd time.

The fact is not the level of the Titan or not being able to fight against him, it is just REDUCING the waiting time to attack him again, more times, this does not mean that we will be able to kill.

NO !! First, the titan does not stay for 24 hours, it is 22 hours. Second, you can have a maximum of 8 attacks without using titan flasks and assuming you have 3 fresh titan flags at the time when the titan respawns. Third, the alliance kills the titan, not the individual player without the other members contributing. Fourth, there is a matching titan for the current level of the alliance and its members, and if the titan still escapes even everyone has used their regular titan flags without flasking and without idly wasting titan flag regeneration, it only means that the titan is far stronger than your current heroes and troops of each members. You have to let it go and settle for the next one which would be weaker compared to the one that escaped. Fifth, if some of your members do not attack the titan, you have to kick them out of the group and pray his roster space will be occupied by a more active player who deals decent damage and hits it often as he can. Sixth, your members must need to know which heroes are needed on a specific titan. Miki, Tarlak, Guardian Jackal, Ranvir and Wu Kong, in that order, are useful heroes buffing your heroes attack against titans. Seventh, there must be a strong leadership in the group to establish the dos and donts for the members. Talk with them. There must be a constant discussion among yourselves. And eighth, if it cannot be helped, and some or most members still do not recognize the need to hit and kill titans, then leave that alliance and look for a better one.


What’s the point of attack it if you are not aiming to kill it?

OK bro.
You convinced me, leave it as this ■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ time is.
As ZUNJAE said:

If you havent noticed, this game is not a sprint, it is a MARATHON. This game isnt played in just hours, days, weeks or months. It is played for years. And it does take patience. Just be patient.

It’s funny when I read the title of this topic, at first I thought you are suggesting that the time for alliances to defeat the titan should decrease. I was like: what?? :smiley: Then after reading the post I realized that on the contrary, you have some suggestions to help alliances get more benefits from titan attacks!

But I don’t think that the situation should either get harder or easier. I guess the titan attacks are good the way they are now.

My only suggestion for the game here is to offer more titan energy refills through events or quests. This way, the game can hold its compatetivenes in titan attacks and at the same time offer the players to increse their chance to beat titans more than regular basis. Titan energy refills are so rare. I don’t remember when was the last time I had a titan energy refill.

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I agree completely, Titans should be a challenge! I wish SG would come out with 15 and 16 star titans as 14 star titans do not last 12 hours in our alliance, no one can flask and we have issues when the titan dies in the 1st 9 hours and people on the other side of the world are sleeping or working. It would seem very easy to make 15 and 16 stars to present a bigger challenge to alliances that are ready for them.

The time to respawn is I believe determined by when the previous titan spawned not when it is killed. The faster you kill it the longer the wait for the next one (and the higher the likelihood it will be a harder-to-kill titan).

Guardian Gazelle :wink:

Though of course Jackal is great for purple titans. Since you gave such a good response, maybe you could add color-specific debuffers to your list.

Sorry. You are right. I meant Guardian Gazelle, not Guardian Jackal. Although I have 2 Guardian Jackals both emblemed, attacking purple titans, too, along with Gazelle.

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