Reduce time it takes for alliance energy renewal


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I hope I’m posting this in the right place.

We are a new alliance and aren’t completely full yet. The hardest thing has been waiting for our alliance energies to renew so that the members that we do have can keep hitting the titan over and over again.

We would like to know if there is any way that the time for an alliance energy renewal can be reduced to TWO Hours? Especially for new alliances, who do not have a fully packed team yet and rely on the members they do have to hit as many times as they possibly can before the time runs out.

Recruiting can be slow going, but the solid members that we do have, are committed to killing the titans and want to continue getting higher lvl Titans, in order to have a higher chance of getting rare ascension items.

I am the Leader of our Alliance and have been stuck waiting on Compasses for MONTHS! Initially I only needed one compass to ascend Musashi, however, its been so long and I have not received ANY, I now need a compass for each of my 5 heroes in order to ascend any of them.

Not being able to level up your heroes completely takes away from the game. I do NOT expect it to be EASY to get the rarer ascension items. However, myself and other Teammates have put the work, time & energy into building our teams and have waited patiently for much needed ascension items. I have been waiting more than TWO MONTHS hoping to get AT LEAST ONE Compass, with no luck.

If the higher tier ascension items dropping increases with the higher level titans we fight, having to wait 3 hours between each one energy renewal with only half the Alliance filled has left us short in defeating several of the level 3 titans.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts or help you can provide us.

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Last time they reduced they gave titans more to, just takes more times to kill and then more items


Three hours?! I have to wait FOUR hours! Where do you live, I want to move there. :yum:

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Just fill up your alliance. I had no problem filling it up, just recruited all day long for a couple of days. So, what are you doing wrong, that you are unable to attract members? Maybe your recruiting text needs work, does it capture the nature of your alliance? Do you post a recruiting message and just leave again, so people can’t ask questions?
Just trying to be helpful, if you have a great alliance as you write, it shouldn’t be that hard to fill it up with a bit of effort.


As talisax said, the last time they reduced alliance energy (from 6 to 4hrs) they increased the titan’s hp by so much that most alliances ended up not being able to defeat their normal lvl titans anymore.

Hope you can fill the rest of your slots, it is definitely worth the work, time and energy you have to put into recruitment - as the higher your titans go, the better your chances are for ascension materials.


If they reduce the time to every two hours, you will just burn through items faster, then people will be moaning and groaning that they can’t craft enough items…


Lol…Sorry slip of the tongue, I had it stuck in my mind that I had 3 hours left until my next hit, so I accidentally put 3 hours.

Thank you for your response @loorts , I was not aware that they had already reduced the time previously.

Wishful thinking for right this moment, I suppose.

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Well, as I said in my post, we are a new alliance, so we are working on filling our alliance, but it does not happen overnight, as you must know, since you play the game.

There are no problems with our recruitment advertising as I use html/color coding to highlight the ad with colors. In fact, we usually get several responses as soon as we post our ads because we don’t have high minimum requirements. Something I’m sure will change over time. However, since we are a new alliance, we are trying to appeal to new players and existing players alike. But thanks for your thoughts.