Reduce the cost of we at valhalla, as with Atlantis (Valhalla Rises...?)

Please, reduce the cost of we at valhalla, as with Atlantis. There are few lives to play and flasks in the chest are not :fearful:

When the season ends, probably there will be something like “Valhalla rises”. Half WE costs and better rewards along Valhalla coins chance.


As @Polentinha said, it is not likely that anything like this will happen until AFTER Valhalla release finishes…

It’s worth noting that the very first “Atlantis Rises” never happened until a month or two AFTER the full Season 2 roll-out was completed…





I heard February at the earliest. Rn as of this valhalla ( November ) all levels are open, but only province 30 is accessible. Then there’s 31-33 in December and finally 34-36 in janvier. This is ofc speculation on my part, but I’m just regergitating what I was told by a buddy in beta like 6 months ago. It makes sense to me. It also makes sense to me to wait until a vahalla rising to go any further. I’m on prov 29 level 3 and even normal is 9 we. The cost/reward isn’t worth it to me as it takes 260 we ( 13 we x 10 levels = 50 valhalla coins @130 we X 2 = 100 valhalla coins @ 260 we ( 1 pull ). As wicked C2P playing the levels is the only way for me to pull. I kinda wish now that I banked all of my vahalla coins. The only legendary valhalla I’ve received is her-

She’s really good tho with her kill minion +damage/-mana stacks.


I really do like this idea. I still am at a point where 6 World Energy is a lot to spend. But I take that as a sign that I am not quite ready for Season 3 then :blush: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


You’d probably definitely benefit by waiting to go any further in valhalla. Did u finish Atlantis yet? If not I could focus on that. The rewards for finishing s2 are amazing! All the 4* mats. F u have, I’d still wait and use a majority of my we on Atlantis rising prov 1 level 9 or level 10. Those 2 levels give an incredible amount of backpacks ( adventurers kits ) which you can use to get a really good amount of feeders from a level 2 training camp. During the rest of the month possibly go with s1 7-4 for fast filling of monster chests, or s1 17- 1 (5we) and 9-1 (3we) for the best xp/we ratio to help yourself move up in levels which in turn will increase your total we.


Wow, thank you so much, I really appreciate the advice! I have not finished Season 2 yet, only made it, barely, to Province 15 (fought hard to unlock Season 3, just for Path of Valor)

I will make sure to put your advice to good use, thank you again. :slight_smile:

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Yep, maybe!
Atlantis rises from the sea.
Valhalla descends from the sky…?
Not precisely sure of the mythology…

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