Reduce the cost for avatars

The current prices for avatars, backgrounds and pins are too expensive. Please make buying them and using them more accessible by cutting the cost down to 25%. This is a drastic change but people like me, that like cheap stuff, won’t buy them if they are reduced to 50% and will certainly never buy them at their actual cost. Lower the prices and raise the fun :unicorn:

In my opinion there’s no need to buy Avatars. Do the S2 Missions, so you get 8 for free. Finish S2 Normal and Hard, you get 2 more of them. Do special events (Christmas, Easter…), and you get more for free.
And the additional fun is the feeling, that you’ve earned them for your participation in-game.

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Agreed, they are very expensive compared to other stuff.

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Paying for an Avatars are a total waste of money for nothing mire than what an individual feels will make them more attractive when most players don’t pay attention to them anyway.

1200 gems equals $25 on average depending on where you are. That’s just totally outrageously rediculous.
If even I was stupid enough to spend money on an avatar 2.50 to 5 bucks would be my max allowable cost and even then.

But the bottom line is, as long as people are buying them then they will have no reason to change the price.

A moto I live buy.

The fool is NOT the one charging the excessive prices, the FOOL/Sucker is the one paying those excessive prices. And that goes for anything in life.

There simply should be individual avatars. Upload a pic and everyone will like his/her account even more.

Hundreds of gems for avas everybody has? Not really. :roll_eyes:

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I don’t mean to sound rude… but I never understand why anyone would spend gems or even real money to buy an avatar. To me, it’s just a profile picture that has absolutely no actual benefit to your gaming.

Again, that is just my personal thought. I am sure those that buy avatars have good reasons.

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They look pretty / awesome or whatever. That reason is good enough. I mean why are people spending money on fashion or art? This is also very unnecessary spending. But well, it’s nice to look at, I can admit that :smirk:

I was tempted to buy some pretty backgrounds but I won’t do it. Reduce the cost and I will certainly buy one or two of them :grin:

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While they are at it, please also reduce or eliminate the gem cost for a second name change. I chose my name prior to realizing the social aspect of the game and would love to change it if I could. Not only is it not something I can post here, it is also misspelled.

When I started I put like my real name, because I did not know in the slightest that this was a multiplayer game. I thought I would just be clicking stuff on my own x)

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A member from my former alliance bought Perseus avatar for 1200 gems because she thought she’s buying actual hero…

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Oh sh*t… That sucks. And I suppose SGG would not give her the gems back.

Hi Dear
I hope you are all well and away from the coronavirus. I have an idea About avatar In my opinion, images and background are very expensive … If you pay attention, many similar games have come with a lot of variety … I think that by making this part cheaper, more variety and attractiveness will be created … and more people will buy. Low profit with high number becomes high profit for you
It’s also great if you can add background selection during the game Of course, I suggest you put them all so that they can be selected for each game at the same time There is a need for variety in the music of the game … These are my comments after 3 years of my favorite game I think we need them
I hope Google has been able to translate my thoughts correctly I try to convey this message in the ideas section as well. Although it is really difficult for me And I’m sorry I sent you an email


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