Reduce restricted Element Tiles in Raid Tournaments

Here’s a recommendation for the Raid Tournaments that could reduce frustration and enhance the enjoyment of the game for all players.

For Raid Tournaments with Element restrictions, reduce the likelihood of the restricted element tile appearing on the board. While all players will have the same chances of a poor board and over the course of a 5-day tourney, each is likely to have 5 poor boards due to more restricted element tiles than average, some players may run up against this early in the tournament while others would hit this later and given the limit of 4 defeats this would favor those that have poor boards later.

Below are two of my first 5 boards day one of this week’s tournament - 4 Star Rush Attack with Dark Element Restriction. I had little to no choice but to activate the restricted element tiles and with the Rush Attack ended up not getting any points on either board. This generates unnecessary frustration for the player.

While this might reduce defenses effectiveness, the defense is spread out over all 5 days for every player, so it should equal out over time and as you do not see the boards, there is no frustration due to knowing that you were unlucky.

IMG_3073 IMG_3074

I agree! Have been thinking the same thing.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’ve beaten this dead horse often enough to know it ain’t happening. But every time I see it I support hopelessly hoping that they would stop with this insanity and code it so it’s closer to a more equal distribution or at the very least not repeat the same color indefinitely.

The last two Raid tourneys have had fewer restricted element hero tiles than previous Raid tourneys, or I’ve just been fortunate. I’ve had to work around weak tiles, but not restricted tiles. Thanks for the tweak, if was implemented. My defense has not been as solid as in the past which could also be a reflection of this change.

Yeah I didn’t have much luck in this tournament! Did 2-2-1 after clearing the crap at least two of the speicails went off! I managed to get a few connections here and there nothing great! My holy was so bad on 2 boards I couldn’t even get jackals special up before he was dead haha!

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