Reduce or decrease the number of tools

Hello: I suggest reducing the number of tools for fighters 5 stars, for example some fighters need 4 warm cap Why Laicono 3 instead of four and another example Some fighters 5 stars need 6 tonic mysterious why not be 3 example or 4 means to facilitate the game and thank you.

It’s even worth. The 5* heroes need 4 warm capes to go from tier 3 to 4 and again 4 warm capes to go to last tier.
So in total you need 8 times a 3* AM for those heroes. I also think this is way too much.
I got Obakan on tier 4 and 11! royal tabbards to lift him to last stage but missing the ■■■■ trap tools as I already used 4 last time I leveled him up :frowning:

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The reason why need so many ascension materials is to make them very valuable and to force people to decide which heroes have priority in leveling. Those who want to level up quicker and do not want to wait have to spend gems (which of course is a source of income for the game developers).

Another not so obvious reason is that due to the scarsity of ascension materials the advantage of the P2W players over F2P/C2P doesn’t get too big. They already have many or all of the great 5* heroes. So at least they cannot level all of them up to 4/80 while the F2P/C2P are still waiting to get a few 5* heroes that are at least decent (or might decide to use their precious tabards on Quintus as they don’t get Sartana, Khiona etc.)

I fully agree that the waiting for the right ascension materials can be quite tedious, but I think the price to ascend 4* and 5* heroes is good and well-balanced as it is. Moreover, we know that one piece of every non-farmable ascension material can be obtained through the rare quests, where each quest (e.g. Frostholme for the capes and scopes) will come roughly every other month :slight_smile: So, we can be sure that our favourite hero will definitely get all the stuff to be ascended all the way (while we might never be able to summon or draw the hero we have been waiting for for ages)


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