Reduce 6× turn Ailment Immunity

I Forgot how rediculous raiding can be.
Ailment immunity for 6× turns essentially ensure a weaker team will never be able to cast any ailments. Teams with 5× troops, and 6× turn ailment immunity? The games way out of balance.

are you referring to the alpha talent?
it is annoying but easily countered by superior jinx talents

i often use li xiu c2 and marjana c against luna tanks and they generally do well
there are other good options too


c2Li Xiu, cMarjana are perfect for dispelling buffs, so are a small army of season 1 heroes without costumes.

This thread in my view is just a complaint that the op felt they had to make because they haven’t bothered to discover what their heroes talents can do.

And since the old hotms got passives I’ve been using cGravemaker to dispel buffs.


Only buff ailment immunity which is annoying is Aramis’. The fact it’s undispellable makes it a female dog to go up against…But that only lasts 3 turns so we can’t be talking about him. The others are dispellable so not really an issue as there are a plethora of heroes who can dispel. Take one, use them before firing any special with an ailment. Simples.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :desert_island:

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Thank you for your opinion goofball

I’m glad I could be of help. It’s such a pity you feel the need to show how immature you are by calling people names.

It also proves you couldn’t be bothered to change your playstyle, or you wouldn’t be making a thread like this, complaining like a spoilt child.

I don’t think this request is unreasonable. If I do normal raids I want to use some good or fun heroes, not go back and use non toon versions of 4 stars or non costumed Zeline. Because that would personally be my only options.

I’m fine with it in wars, but when filling the daily chest I don’t want to switch 90 Tetisheri with 75 C2 Gormek. I rather just reroll. Jinx doesn’t really help against a 6500+ defense if the two in the back in a M formation has immunity. And usually 2 and 4 is my preferred targets for Quintin and Rochefort.

I feel like the x6 turn Aliment Immunity is just fine and necessary for attackers to not get bombarded by status aliments from defender’s passives and specials, even more needed since the Aether Power-Taunt.

The Aliment Immunity isn’t even the worst offender of balance when it comes to defense, the prize goes to health regen paired with Fighter troop 5*.

Just different experiences. I have 4 level 90’s, none of them have ailment immunity so doesn’t help attacking at all.

I can’t do this after 3 turns if opponent has ailment immunity. Couldn’t care less about regen. But fighters are annoying, if they don’t die Rochefort can’t deal 1071 damage to everyone.