Redemption to Quintus CB? (Looking at Killhare)

The common talk on Killhare is “WOW! must have!”
The common talk on Quintus is “Why do I need another Horghall…?! meh…”

Here is the 7DD grading (condensed):

But isn’t Quintus with Costume Bonus is similar to Killhare?

Killhare: max special attack = 2222, tiles to special = 10, lowers all team defense by -20%, and has better defense (756)
Qunitus CB: max special attack = 2116, tiles to special = 11.4, no down effect, lower defense (667) but also a slighly higher attack state.

Now, I agree Killhare is better. No doubt, speed matters much.
I also agree her debuff has a positive side of not being able to apply a lower rate. That’s good for raid defense teams.

But if Killhare is graded A+, wouldn’t you agree Qunitus CB deserves an “A” Grade?
On quests, and challenges - you can pump him mana pots - so slowness is less of a problem.
He is better than Killhare for titans.

He is just a step down from her, but just a single step.


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Killhare also pairs really well with JF making her almost a perfect match most of the times.
C. Quintus is hands down better than his normal version, but still in a meta where everything maxs out at average speed with insane value ults. C. Quintus slow ult is not cutting it, so he can make it up with items (which other hero cant get much better with items?),

As for the tile dmg, In a vacuum he looks better than Killhare for Titans. But only in a 1-1 comparasion, if you have to factor using 6 tabards + feeders on a hero that will get a slightly better outcome only on Yellow Titans, he is still far from worth it.

I would give C. Quintus a B for FTP players. a C for CTP and a D for whales.

Edit: One more thing, Purple is stacked with insanely good heroes. Killhare actually makes you not cringe if you use 6 tabards on her and then you happend to get a better purple. C. Quintus will still make you cringe if a better purple hero (which like I say, there are a lot) comes your way.

It’s not a one-to-one comparison. It’s how the heroes ALL compare to each other. It’s also quite subjective. You are free to have your own opinion, but if you had all the dark 5* would C.Quintus be your #3 or #4 choice? Ahead of Seshat or Kunchen, say? Or even Sartana?

No, but neither would Killhare.

It depends on the situation. I can see choosing Killhare more frequently than C.Quintus. Quint for me is a 5* rush attack tournament hero, and a sixth flag war hero facing holy tanks.

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Costume Quintus becomes average mana with a level 17 mana troop. I think he’s vastly underrated with his costume

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On the grading it says costume Quindus special has a power of 270 but it is actually 235. Just a little mistake. Btw i have JF so i thing Kilhare is the better choice and i went with her instead of Quintus. He also needs more AM to max with costume.

I personally see very little value on this point. Because with a 17 mana troop he goes down from 12 to 11 tiles. Average speed is 10 tiles and they need a lvl 23 mana troop to bring that down to 9 (fast speed), which actually makes a difference because your average for an ult goes from 4 tile combination to 3.
But with Slow heroes at 11 tiles are still needing a 4 tile combination average for it to get 100%mana.

Another thing, is that the monk’s 4%mana node can only be usefull in 2 things: 1 is to help you alocate a lower mana troop on the hero and the other one is that with a lvl 29+ mana troop you get a 15%+4% which is still 1% off of a -2 tile reduction (from 12 to 10) but can actually be done with a hero that boost mana. Is getting a 20th node on C.Quintus with a lvl 29mana troop and a mana booster worth it?. Imho, not at all.

Edit: Maybe you were refering to the value C.Quintus gets on defense?. And if so, then yes he gets much better value off of the mana boost on defense than offense. But then again, imho any defense with a Quintus that is not on a “every ult is set to VF” context is a pretty weak defense or one that at best has a huge weak point to exploit.

And that same troop brings Killhare within a breath of fast (the 2% node makes that happen). So you’re still behind.

And I think the value of the undispellable defense down is often understated, even without JF. Enemies cannot overwrite it with a worse debuff.

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I admit that these scores make me confused and now I am not sure which hero to level: Grimble (B grade) — niche card, Domitia (B) — debuf, Obakan (B) — fast, and Quintus costumed (B).
And I have to add that he is sorcerer what makes Quintus more likely to receive them and then be more stronger.
My rest purple: Khiona +10, Sartana +3, Rigard Costumed + 20, Tibertus +1, Sabina +20, Cyprian, and not finished Merlin and Boomer.

I would like to increase titan damage and war attack.

After reading this post, I stuck. Aby suggestions appreciated.

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