Red trunk fire

Would this be a colorfoul monthy trunk??? How disgusting… Shame yourself

This chest is horrible xD

In which province levels did you fill up your chest?

20x4 … Uff… 1 months for… This…

Yeah, that sucks. Two points though: First, that’s the absolute worst chest possible, you should average one 3* non-farmable mat and an epic token. Second, the special elemental chests appear more than once a month on average as long as you fill chests frequently.

Are you insinuating that this matters? Just curious…

Im not 100% sure that it matters. I’ve seen a few comments about this, that the higher level would bring better loots for elemental chests. I dont have enough data to sustain this though.

I Just completed a fire chest also. And I also did it all at 20-4. I got better loot. Maybe Just got Lucky. :):grin:

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I have noticed (not documented or statistically valid) that when I do a higher level 20-4 or 16-9 to fill a monster chest, it seems to be better than when I do 8-7… I think it is the RNG playing tricks on my lizard brain and not anything real. Though, it would be cool if someone who tracks everything could weigh in on this.

I do think it is just RNG and our mind trying to apply logic to it all based on what we get and where we farm. I believe there was a thread on the elemental chests speculating that higher level provinces provided better loot, however, my experience has not shown anything better to be had at higher provinces. I just do the ones that get them filled quickest (other than fire at 20-4).

That was a nature chest this morning from a ally mate… horrible as eell

Myself and another member both got nature chests a few days ago and we tested this, I filled from 7-5 she filled from 17. My loot was much better.

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It has been proven from copy of an account made for the beta server that the content of the chest is generated AT SPAWN.

The guy filled the chest from both accounts with different provinces and received the exact same reward


Topic more like “Red dumpster fire”

Am’aright? nudge nudge

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