Red or Yellow

Don’t know what tank is… I have Alzar and Gravemaker.

It is the ones you put in the central position in your raid/war defense.

Keep both but empower Gravemaker first.

Thanks…had been feeding Alzar first.
Fun game but not much advice on how to play… I appreciate your help.

take a look around the forum and ask questions. There is a ton of information here. A lot of people willing to give advice as well.

I would add - read forum for at least a week, and go over dozen of highly rated topics under guides. Then use search. Then come and ask for clarifications for questions you couldn’t find answer to. Maybe you’ll just end writing bug reports and seeking alliances and never need to open own topic for questions - so far I didn’t need that one, because I could find everything I had questions about. And I had a lot of questions :rofl:

Btw, find @Coppersky guide and start from there if you’re totally new in the game. and then there’s that wiki:

That should help with basic gameplay.
Then come here for polishing strategies and learning about heroes :wink:

And there’s this new, very useful topic - Advice for New Players, or “All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started.”

If you don’t understand some term - search for it.


Here is a very nice glossary, only slightly tongue in cheek


Thanks all…clearly I am impatient and want to do well immediately. I’m the guy that rarely reads the instructions and wonders what I did wrong !!! I’ll put on my reading specs and do some learning… My alliance folks are quieter than a deaf dog… Good luck on your play, and much thanks again

Are they active, @JesseRay? Or have they not logged on in weeks or months?

You possibly could look for another alliance. Mine isn’t the chattiest but it works for me. The forum makes up for the rest.

Half are active but deadly quiet…of course I understand folks that JUST want to play the game.

That isn’t helping you much. If you decide that you want more activity, check out the Alliance Recruiting thread. My ad is in there

Thanks…will do… good to know I can come here for advice.

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Change the alliance. Like, now.

Your progress depends on the alliance you’re in. There’s no need to chat about lunch, however, if you don’t feel that they’re sharing experience, you won’t realise that you’re doing something in suboptimal way.

First - Titans. Second - being in touch with your bunch and spend time together. Because, just farming and hitting gets boring. People make the difference. And you know, what’s the point in getting the highest score against the titan if noone cheers with you? :confused:

If @NPNKY has a space, go there. Friendly bunch accepting newbies. They use discord for chat. You’ll thank me later :stuck_out_tongue:


What is the name of your alliance?

Magnificent Bastards

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Are you a musician?

No I am not, just a nickname from years ago I use.

Don’t have enuff trophies.

Dont worry about it. Come on in anyway

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Apparently I can’t…join button stays black

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