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Oh, and I’m now at level 32 on the QoH… just 48 more levels to go…

Thanks all!

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Congrats on the quick progress with QoH!! I’m excited for you, and I hope you’ll update how you’re utilizing her to gain max potential at some point :nerd_face::nerd_face:

Side note…Since you ascended QoH would you like me to close the poll? Or would you like it left open for your 2nd choice?

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welp, she just maxed out… like as in 5 mins ago. And I’m now gonna level up Zagrog who I thought was in the top two between the two. So, you can shut it down now if you’d like. Haven’t “played” with her much yet though.

Awesome! Thanks for the update on getting QoH maxed. Personally, I do think you made the next best choice after QoH with Zagrog. Once you’ve had the opportunity and time to incorporate them best into your lineups, I hope they both elevate your teams even more than anticipated :nerd_face::nerd_face:. And most importantly (in my opinion), I hope you have fun playing with them!

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