Red Options

Looking to lean once again on the collective wisdom of this forum. I’ve got the materials to level up 2 5* Reds with three likely contenders and 2 probably nots.

These are the Red 5*’s I already have levelled up:

  • Elena Costume
  • Grazul
  • Marjana
  • Khagen Costume
  • Baldur
  • Azlar

And then here are the ones that can be levelled up fully:

  1. Queen of Hearts
  2. Marjana (duplicate)
  3. Zagrog
  4. Grazul (duplicate)
  5. Natalya
    (tried to create this as a poll, but the gear icon didn’t show me the option)

So, which of these would you level up?

Thanks everyone!

Without knowing anything else, I like QoH. Taunters are rare and very useful!


Out of the lot, QoH 20 chars

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  • Queen of Hearts
  • Marjana (dupe)
  • Zagrog
  • Grazul (dupe)
  • Natalya
  • Ascend & Level 1 to Start

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Thanks for doing the poll! What’s the trick?

After taping gear icon you should see this, poll is last option

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This is all I get:

Maybe I have to have certain number of posts or something to create a poll?

Can you scroll it down?

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For me the Gear Icon did use to show right away, now sometimes I have to tap the Menu Icon (the three horizontal parallel lines beside the drop-down Icon) for it to show the Gear Icon. I hope this helps :nerd_face:. I also hope that whatever decisions you make you enjoy playing! :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

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Oh, I’m slow, responding, lol

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In my honest opinion, I would start with Queen of Hearts 100%.
Then sit back and have a think about who to level next
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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No, there are just those two items…

Others are having this issue now it seems… right after I replied here initially, someone opened a bug thread on being unable to create a poll

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well i’m glad and sad then… glad i’m not a total ding dong, sad that it’s happening.


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Well, I went to that thread… and I think I might know the problem. I’m still only at trust level “Basic”. I suspect I need to get to the “Member” trust level before I can do the polls. I’ll need to start another 6 topics to get to that level.

Fyi, responses count. I’ve never started my own topic, but I interact on others :nerd_face:
But also, I thought you’d used a poll before. To me this would show that something has changed…
I also thought when I looked at your profile at the start, it said Member… so that is on me for missing that. I noticed the person from the bugbthread was Basic, but I thought since you were Member there was more to this.

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Mystery solved… you have to make it to “Member” status rather than just “Basic” to get the “Poll” option. At least per the tutorial.

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Oh, boy, I´d do Natalya in a heartbeat! A fast Fire Hero with lovely graphics - And then Queen of Hearts :heart_eyes: But that´s just me :slight_smile:

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I would do Elizabeth whom I just got and you don’t have!
Just sharing my excitement. I already woted QoH because she is the best taunter for equilizer war, obviously

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yeah, i held off until after i used up all my underwild coins… to no avail. No Season 4, 5* heroes for me…