Red needs a buff


Red recived a nerf last update that turned her somewhat useful to almost useless. She’s not fast enough to counter quinvere,unless your really lucky with jems. Her heal is not efficient now,as barley was before, that she heals 2nd turn instead of first giving the opp a chance to kill her foxes. Her attack is negligible and not even strong enough to kill minions. Her minions are also so weak they don’t live long compared to others. She is a special event hero nerfed to novelty status. I stopped using her on my main line simply because she couldn’t keep up with quinvere. If the same perameters are going to be kept where she won’t heal when casted, then her speed should be increased as to be an effective counter to quenivere at the very least. These are 5* star hero’s that takes months to acquire material to assend, they should all be able to hold their own weight instead of drowning off for a meta. Seriously, I see no reason not to move her speed to fast, more so with the increasing very fast hero’s.


Wholeheartedly agree! She either needs to heal when cast not at the end of turn or have a damage increase.