Red LB 5* help

Just scored my 5th ether for red. My options are Gefjon, Tyr, jean-francois, Emilio, Grazul and Anzogh. Or wait for Russell or Baldur. Im leaning towards Emilio but Gefjon could be good too. This is my current defence

Any advice welcome


Emilio and gefjon were the two that stuck out to me when I first read. Iā€™d lean Emilio for the status protection and greater versatility.

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Poll for easy votes

  • Gefjon
  • Tyr
  • JF
  • Emilio
  • Grazul
  • Anzogh
  • Russell
  • Baldur
  • None/Other

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I have Emilio at 85 and he is a beast. Can take a beating, puts up a burn which quickly adds up, heals the team, and a very fast status block which lets you laugh at opposing heroes like Morel, Frigg, Jean-Francois, and more.

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