Red "KICK" button appears on fellow ALLIANCE members

Not sure as I what this does. I’m just a fellow ALLIANCE member. I did not accept/receive any type of supervisor position. So I do not believe that I have that right to decide another members status. Right now I’m just ignoring it. Any “experienced” user insight, greatly appreciated.

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Do you have elder status? If so, that is enough to have kick status.

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Yes, I do. Is this “KICK” more of a suggestion to notify other “elders” of inactivity holding back the ALLIANCE from progressing?

Kick is removing a player from the alliance. Very handy button to have access to lol


Although I’ve never tried it, and hope to never have to, I think it boots them. Not just a notification.

That’s good to know. I was hoping to have it at least be brought up to an “ALLIANCE” council board (3 days) first before “KICKING”. But that’s just my opinion.

You still can discuss it amongst leadership before kicking. I prefer to have a line group for alliance lesdership only and discuss decisions there

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You can do that.

But this is what the button is for.

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Thank you all for the information.

Which is why we don’t promote to elder. It’s not an honary title, it allows for members to kick other members.

We feel that’s a responsibility that should be held by a small number of players in consultation with each other.

All of our members understand this and recognize that our co-leaders have actual tasks (team advising, war strategy, recruitment, etc.)

We don’t use titles as a “reward” or demote as a punishment.

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This is a good policy.

But to defend those who don’t follow this policy: It is not well advertised that promotion to Elder comes with such powers, and it is far from universal among games.

Increased awareness might require better advertising of this fact.

You’re right. There are even leaders who are not aware that elders have this “power”.

I’ve seen, and heard, of instances where elders kicked out players they either didn’t agree with, or felt they’ve been inactive, regardless of any discussion those players may have had separately with the leadership.

Every member should be honoured. Unfortunately the game doesn’t allow for this. So, we treat the title regular member as an honary title!

Co-leaders just have to do all the grunt work.

Lmao. No offence intended, just thought you might like the correct spelling… “Honorary” :slight_smile:

The response to this question has really been awesome (to me). Thank you all who I’ve been in discussion with. Princess 1, I have gone ahead and brought my issue\concern up with all of the “elders” in my ALLIANCE. It has been explained to me, just what you said. Just a rule of thumb, the elders in my ALLIANCE are aware, and 1 member so far has “mentally” given them a month before acting. To me, that is more than enough time to show activity, if not oh well.

No offense at all! I usually take pride in my spelling. I only speak English so I feel I should at least try to speak (and write) it well.

But I am Canadian so please don’t correct my spelling of colour :joy::rofl::smiley:

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No problem there. I’m Canadian too. So I spell colour correctly as well. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Along with the letter “z” being pronounced zed. Not zee. Lmfao. :rofl:

As much as we all love a healthy debate on Canadian spelling and phonics…the topic is elders and kicking powers

(And it’s spelled ‘colour’ dontcha know? :nerd_face:)


Role permissions:

  • Leaders can do everything.
  • Co-Leaders can promote/demote/kick elders and members, and can change global alliance settings and do everything that Elders can do.
  • Elders can kick members, and the alliance is “invite only” instead of “open” can accept / reject members trying to join.

It is a VERY BAD IDEA to kick members unless you’ve been invited to do so by leadership. (And doing so would make leadership kicking you a plausible outcome!)


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