Red hot & blue wants to grow again

Red Hot & Blue. We have been alive for 56 day. In the first month we went for 8 member to 18. We went from 3* to 8’s. We developed a 7w2L. Then we had some shoppers level and some quit the game all together. We are back to 13 adults that have player scores 35-71 and Def team of 3000-4400. We use a war tactics based off of Yo Momma. Even back to 13 we still handle 6’s. With more guns we WILL do better.

The alliance is open so you can come and visit. We are a friendly group mostly from No Am and the UK.

We are interested in killing titian and what to get back to 8’s. Want new member to be active war member with Def of 3K+ and 1000 cups

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