Red Hood's Foxies Heal and Heal in general takes longer than before >>> time passes... titan time/oxigen drops down and i dont do damage


Since version17 Red Hood’s Foxies Heal and Heal in general takes longer than before.

I have Gadeirus and RedHood. Imagine a 3xhero with 3 foxies and gadeirus special healing…

before was fast - at first i couldnt distinguish the healiing done
now it takes at least 0.5 second and im stuck watching them heal every hero without being able to do >anything

if i have 3 4 heroes with 3 foxies i lose like 2 seconds at least…

with the season 2 new Oxigen dropping - this is unwanted…
at titan - this is unwanted
not to say events time challenges…

there is already a request for animation disabling…

please fix this - I NO longer USE RedHood on titans because of this.

thank you.



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