Red Hood vs Zimkitha

@DMP, what are your other heroes that you’d value Marjana over Zimkitha?

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I currently have Delilah, Khiona, Isarnia, and Lianna so another fast Sniper would be great for my team also Khiona and Zim overwrite each other. @King_Kyree77

Edit: Of course I don’t run rainbow but typically vs Guins with Zeline flanks running a purple-red team would be great and of course that team would have to include a 5* purple and 5* red.

I understand the Khiona thing, that is one reason not to want Zimkitha as much as Marjana.

Yup, besides some super top Red heroes, Zim is pretty decent and not a wrong choice to ascend. Especially if she is your only red 5*. The fast mana special with attack boost also lets you get down some pretty good, fast tile damage if you’re running some sort of stack.

Red Hood is very good in events and mid tier raids. Zim is unique with her fast AoE and cleaning skill. She could be (need to wait and see) one of the best heroes flanking the tank in high tier raids.

Just saw that you have Delilah, you just need to replace Khagan or Thoth-Amun with Zim. She could be the best to flank with Delilah.

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So…7 months later…what’s the consensus on @King_Kyree77’s question? :joy:

I think as time has gone by and more Hotm are released I am beginning to appreciate kitty’s fast cleanse but she is by no means close to the power of say Zeline

That said Zim is not really a healer and I tend to like my healers so I’d probably trade my kitty for Red Hood. Zimkitty is like a half healer.

I actually have both and feel safer with ZimKitty than Red Hood on my team, but Red Hood is sturdier.

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I got both and find zim more useful on raid offense than RH, especially if u in diamond tier where opponent with GM and zeline can be said is a default thing.

But in hard map RH is more useful.

So depends on what u need. Raid or map? Raid choose zim, map choose RH

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