Red Hood vs Zimkitha

@Kyemoo, So do you also have Red Hood? If so, you may want to max her based off of your lineup because you have no healer. Lianna and Joon are good, but I believe Red Hood is more beneficial than both.

All this talk about Zim is getting me excited.

I am saving up in hopes to get her. Need a 5* red. If I don’t get her maybe Natalya will get her rings…

@King_Nothing, Why don’t you level up Natalya? If I had her, I would have. Her abilities are non-dispellable and she’s fast, so paired with the right team, she could potentially kill multiple enemies. I want Zimkitha because I don’t have GM or Natalya, only Red Hood, a maxed out Khagan and two unascended Marjana.

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I do like her but after hearing about Zim I have held off as she would fit nicely on my team.

Hopefully 4k gems and a couple tokens get it done.

I am c2p and buy the cheap offers and have hoarded them because I don’t need to much now.

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I’ve see people with 1, 2 and even 3 Hotm cards at the end of the bundle pulls so all ten pulls must be considered seperate chances. If you can afford a x10 pull, only doing the single pulls is just waste of 400 gems— which you actually could get an extra single pull with and thus an extra chance

There are currently three types of healers. Immediate healing, Heal Over Time ( HOT ), and minions ( minions increase a hero’s HP while their attack is only good for clearing split mobs with 1 HP each ). Immediate healing does nothing for 100% HP, undamaged, heroes, but helps heavily damaged heroes the most. HOT does not stack, but helps heavily damage, and soon to be damaged, heroes the most. Minions can increase a hero’s HP above his 100% HP and heals undamaged and damaged heroes the same. New minions also replace damaged minions “healing” any hero without three full HP minions.

Many 5* heroes are HOT, ( I think Kerridoc pointed this out ), so they don’t stack. Tarlak and Alberich’s HOT would overwrite each other. Delilah has both an immediate heal and minions, so she stacks with a HOT hero like Alberich or Tarlak. Even better, Alberich generates mana for Delilah’s special skill and revives dead heros.

==Minion generation==

Just a heads up for people without minion heroes. This is more a feature, then a bug.

Minions don’t heal, so generating new, full HP minions increases the hero’s effective HP.

But as Kerridoc pointed out, running 3+ heroes that generate minions, may crowd out special minions like Red Hood’s ( 7% heal / mana protection ) but is less important when running Thoth-Amon, Delilah, and any rumored general minions coming to an Empires near you.

Minions can be useful against Arrow Barrage ( War Rule ) so if I was lucky enough to have Delilah, Alberich, Boldtusk and Red Hood, I would level Delilah to 5* 4.80 since she has minions and immediate healing. Alberich to 5* 4.80 since he can revive and generate mana. Boldtusk to 4* 3.60 since 4* 3.60 are the most powerful heroes with farmable ascesion materials. As a bonus Boltusk 4* 3.60 takes half the XP of 4* 4.70 so you can use the extra 1*/ 2* heroes to level a second 4* 3.60 hero. Red Hood to 5* 2.60 for farming and war.

The original beta version of Tarlak was rumored to be insane ( think 5* Wu Kong ) but the live version appears to be nerfed. Still his 824 attack stat will give him very very good tile damage for a 5* green hero better than Gregorian ( 729 ), Zeline ( 764 ), Lianna ( 729 ) aaand Lady Locke ( 805 ).


So, I actually pulled 3 Zimkitha and after realizing she got buffed from beta, am really excited about her. I want to thank everyone who participated in this thread, but after also pulling 2 Victor, I think I’m going to go with Zimkitha as my next 5* red and use my fire mats on her.


RedHood minions heal… 7% healing of RH health per minion at the end of every turn if the minion is alive…

a max of 21% healing of RH health for 3 minions at the end of every turn if the minions are alive
also a max of 42% meat shield of RH health for 3 minions

so, yes the RH minions heal

congrats, she has eluded me thus far. I got 30 more days…

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Perhaps my wording was bad.

Like Ameonna’s ghost form, “Heal all allies” does not restore minions to full health. A minion has X HP, and once gone, the minion dies.

Can someone please help me

@DisturbedDecadence, what do you need help with?

I’m sorry I cant figure out how to start a new thread…
I am having an issue with chat in global…
I can type and I can see what I write but no one else can see ut…

Did you see bugs and issues forum?. That is place to start.

Might be either a connection issue due to weak wifi or data signal or just try closing and reopening the game.

My crew is Vivica, Marjana, Sartana, Athena, and Lianna. Would you replace any of these with Zim or Red Hood. Both are at 3/70 and I need one more ring for one of them.

If your core team is at 4/80, I think it’s great as it stands.

I know that it is a little off-topic…but would you suggest to level up Zimkitha as first * red?

If she is your only 5* red hero, yes, if not, who else do you have?

She is the only 5s red hero

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