Red Hood’s Minions turn white for allies

I used Red Hood with Puss in Boots & her minions for allies turned white…like a hybrid between Puss’s minions & hers. Not a big issue but why’s it happening?

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When they’re hit, they also blink white - maybe that doesn’t go away and stays?


@petri, visual bug…?

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Ghost minions now too huh?

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@girigiri, just checking too that the minions still took damage and died as per normal/ they should when hit?

From the looks of things they did.

Did the minions clear/ disappear when they died?

Spooky :ghost: :ghost:

Yea they behaved like regular minions, just that they were white. Not a big deal just wondered if it’s happened to others…

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Hmm yea maybe that’s what happened. I guess it was just a one-time glitch. Hasn’t happened since.

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Must be when puss on the field too, maybe a visual bug with these too. Try her alone to see if that’s true :thinking:

Could be snowfoxes since winter came to Grimforest too!? :fox_face: :ghost:

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