Red Hood or Natayla

Which would be better to fully accend first?

$.01 : Depends on the team you want her to fit into; if you share that, you will get better answers. One example, an alliance member of mine has Delilah is afraid that using her with Red Hood will result in minion overflow/overload and won’t end up getting the full value she would using Red if she didn’t already have Delilah…

$.01 : Red Hood is a new hero, and has been nerfed since beta then buffed back up (Whether foxes protect from mana control effects or not) I might wait for the next update where heroes are re-balanced and see where she is going to settle out. I’m thinking that Natalya isn’t very likely to be buffed/nerfed at this point…

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Depends on the rest of your team, and what you need

I hardly ever reroll on raids, but if I saw maxed Red Hood and Delilah on the same defense team, I would strongly consider it. The constant stream of both minions combined with the foxes’ mana protection would likely be very difficult to overcome.


My defense right now is Natalya, Isarnia, guin, kadilen, Thoth. I’m leveling lianna, Thorne and red hood right now.

I will only have enough items to accend one of them for awhile so I want to use the last accention items on the one that would be better.

Any thoughts on which would be a good way to go.

Red hood if defense is your concern. The AI can’t use Natalya properly. I always raid up if I see a vulnerable Nat.

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I’d say Natalya … They miss up with Wolf and may also nerf Redhood so stay safe matey.

I’m looking for defensive but also be useful

Red Hood is very useful o defense! Not that I have her on mine, but have face here in raids. She’s a total PITA.

I wish i owned Natalya but i do have Red Hood & she is great event though I didnt level her up to the full potential yet & combined with Deliah it works well so far.

As any other threads, it would be best to know your other heroes. If you have healers you go with Natalya and if you have sniper and need healing go with hood.
I have Natalya and she is awesome, she is a great anti Alberich. If you can fire her early, aim at him and let him burning all the way down. Don’t activate any healers from the enemy and one more attack he’s dead. It applies to any slow mana hero you face. For offense, attacks, events and farming she will be a lot more useful and fun.
Red hood will be a strong add to your defense but that’s it… I don’t see another great utility for her, as for titans her healing is so small that the healed hero will be killed anyway if he is targeted 2x in a row. She is a good Guin partner, as both are great on defense and boring.

To correct the record here: Red’s little foxes were always intended to block mana steal. That aspect was broken, but she was released nonetheless. The skill has been fixed. So this wasn’t a case of the devs nerfing and then restoring her, just a programming issue.

As others have replied, “it depends”. I think Red Hood is a clearly better hero than Natalya, but Natalya may fit a particular player’s deck better.

I have maxed Delilah and Thoth, but I’m not very worried about minion overflow. If I’ve got full minions, the battle is already won. In a tough fight, minions are being killed constantly and so, the more the merrier. There’s also not many situations where I would bring more than one healer or, if two healers were appropriate, Alberich wouldn’t be one of them.