Red Hood or Mitsuko?

Which of the two is more versatile and better for raids, maps and defense?
I already have full leveled marjana, elena and zim.

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For maps Id say Red Hood… and for maps only.
Mitsuko is better than Red Hood to me.


Mitsuko was my first to get rings over Marj, Santa, and Azlar. Was a great decision. She also gets all my Sorcery emblems. I used her as a tank for quite some time, and she held me in Diamond easily. I now switch between Agier, Anzogh, and Mitz. But she really shines on offense. If I ever see a bunch of ICE attacking heros, I never need to bring NATURE. I just use her as the suicider. She kills it on the map too, especially season 2 where there are alot of ICE bosses. For versatility Mitsuko all day, love her. PS. I do not have Red Hood so can’t talk much about her.


Anyone know how someone can be using our alliance to spy on us? they seem to know what we are going to do as soon as we decide to do it?

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